Kanye West - "All Of The Lights" Video

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’s most triumphant brass fanfare meets the Star Wars font it was always intended for, along with a cameo from Rihanna with Ye on top of a cop car and Cudi in red leather, both MJ style (our [redacted] dead) and a nod to Enter The Void’s opening title sequence, all courtesy of one Hype Williams.

If you expected Kanye to let Arcade Fire and Radiohead own the Lead Story space on this homepage for long, Thom would be the first to say you have not been paying attention.

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  1. I’d call that a little more than a “nod” to Enter the Void…

  2. Considering how great the music videos for ‘Monster’ and ‘Runaway’ are, I find this one to be quite disappointing. Especially the stupid flashing words bullshit. What a cop-out..

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    • “Also I’m the only one who finds it unnerving that he raps “I slapped my girl” on the same track as Rihanna.”

      I agree, but this is coming from a girl who also featured on a song with Eminem who on “love the way you lie” talks about beating down a girl, not only once, but through the whole song. She’s a mindless machine that makes money for a building full of suits that are praying to the corporate God’s that she never comes to her senses. Very sad and no one cares. All you can do and I know this will sound pretentious is pray for not only them. but the world.

    • I understand your disappointment, but the lyrics in the song are only on the surface referring to an instance of domestic abuse and relationship problems. The whole song can be looked at as metaphor for his career the past couple of years.

  4. thanks for the seizure, Kanye

  5. I can’t get enough of that strings intro. So good.

    As for the video, that was pretty freaking awesome. Rihanna’s outfit doesn’t look too bad in 1080p either.

  6. I’m surprised this song hasn’t been a bigger hit.

  7. Kanye West doesn’t care about epileptic people.

    • That’s not funny! That was the low point of Bush’s presidency and Iraq had WMDs and 911 was Clinton’s fault plus the recession was a preemptive attack from the Obama administration and caused by liberal spending not corporate greed with out government safeguards plus… Eh I faked it long enough.
      You made my day smokeallyouwantandseetheplanets.

  8. Song is incredible; it really is. But this video started out with promise and fizzled out. I thought it would be a narrative, considering the young girl. Then, it just morphed into glamour shots of the singers.

  9. Is it just me or does Rhianna look awkward and uncomfortable throughout this video?

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  12. A nod? Really? Is that what it is? A NOD?

    It’s time you guys start calling Kanye out… the dude straight up steals stuff from other people, especially when it comes to his videos.

    He copied the *entire* concept: the colors, the editing, the fonts… it is the same exact execution of an artistic concept.

    • Dude didn’t direct the video, get off his nuts.

      I don’t see anything wrong with directly referencing the title sequence personally.

      • Thing is, you’d think he’d be able to afford to hire the same designer and maybe get them to do something new or different rather than just ripping off someone else’s work. It’s a poor rip too.

  13. This is aight but did anyone see this NYC fest? http://www.governorsballmusicfestival.com/ I’m wondering if any these artists are gonna be on the bill… i’d love to see kanye!!!!!!

  14. Good to see Rhianna is taking fashion tips from The Fifth Element.

  15. heh. odd future’s fallon story is number three. kanye is number four… SWAG.

  16. I don’t know why people are downvoting the comments on rihanna. She has no talent, she makes comments that make her look like a giant ho all the time, and her live shows basically amount to her spreading her legs for the crowd over and over… she definitely deserves respect huh?

  17. Unrelated: what is this? Is this good or bad?


    .sorry for interrupting

  18. I absolutely hate Fergie as much as the next person but they completely butchered the song by removing her bridge

    Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uayey2PSGpA

  19. am I the only one that feels embarrassed for him when he tries to sing?
    pretty boring song here

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