Expanded Deerhunter Do Letterman

Deerhunter are releasing a “Memory Boy” single in April as part of Record Store Day. Last night, in their second Late Night outing, the group picked up the Black Lips’ Cole Alexander and the Back Pockets’ Adam Bruneau and expanded to a sextet to perform a heady version of the Halcyon Digest track on Letterman. In September 2010 one of our commentors said: “I wish ’Memory Boy’ was at least 5 minutes long. They could’ve really gone all out with that one.” Chris Carfolite, this is not quite 5 minutes, but still … this is for you.

“Memory Boy” b/w (new track) “Nosebleed” will be available as a limited-edition 7″ and download on 4/16 via 4AD.

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  2. They did such a good job. And I’m so happy that they played that song. Oh and Bradford was just so adorably coy at the end when accepting Letterman’s handshake and his predictably noncommittal “pretty good”.

  3. Stereolabesque

  4. I thought they were going to bust into Nothing Ever Happened there for a minute.

  5. I sincerely hope Chris Carfolite is very very happy right now.

  6. That was really good, loved the new section. I saw them in August, but the show was marred by myriad technical difficulties, plus the club had double-booked that night so the show was WAY too short … I’d really like to see them again under much better circumstances.

  7. Found this just now…OMG this is AMAZING!

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