Boris - Attention Please

“Hope” is the “sultry” single from Attention Please, one of two Boris albums out the same day in April. Guitarist Wata handles all Attention’s lead vocals so, again, the Japanese psych/doom/metal/pop/rock/etc explorers have switched things up and around the moment a discernible pattern seemed to be emerging. Note the buried black metal-style whispers:

Attention Please:

01 “Attention Please”
02 “Hope”
03 “Party Boy”
04 “See You Next Week”
05 “Tokyo Wonder Land”
06 “16:47:52…”
07 “Aileron”
08 “Les Paul Custom ’86″
09 “Spoon”
10 “Hand in Hand”

Here’s a version of “Party Boy” from the Japan-only release, New Album:

Attention Please is out 4/26 via Sargent House. Its “counterpart” Heavy Rocks, not to be confused with the 2002 album of the same name, is out the same day via the same label.

Boris Promo 2011

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  1. These are pretty cool Boris tracks. Partyboy is trippy as hell which is awesome. Very much looking forward to getting my hands on the albums.
    What about “New Album” though? Is there a release date for that yet?

  2. Boris fucking rule. End of story.

    Two albums this year? Who else has done two albums released at the same time in the past 10 years besides Bright Eyes?

  3. Yeah, I’m with Benji’s comment: is “New Album” a third new album or is it a combination of “Attention Please” and “Heavy Rocks” with a couple new songs to fill in?

    • Sirs: “New Album is a Japan-only release that has entirely different versions of 4 songs from Attention Please [including the version of "Party Boy" posted above]. It also has different versions of 2 songs from Heavy Rocks (2011): “Jackson Head” and “Tu, la la”.”

      • Aha, thanks for clearing that up Brandon. Look forward to hearing all the new Boris tunes, it’s going to be a heavy year! There’s also that Boris/Merzbow album this year too. But what I want to hear about is a tour. With all this new music they are going to have to put on some killer shows.

        Devin Townsend did in ’09 with Ki and Addicted. He’s doing the same this year with Ghost and Deconstruction :)

  4. Sweet mellotron on that track. Definitely digging this.

  5. This has nothing to do with boris, but i just heard Grayceon’s All We Destroy. Have you had a chance to hear it Brandon? It’s incredible.

  6. that this is the same band that made the last two albums (not to mention everything else) is just so impressive

  7. Wow, good job Boris, I love when bands change their style, it keeps me not bored.

  8. Who is the woman with short hair?

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