When it comes to Sarah, occasionally we’ll hear friends say stuff like “Someone forgot to tell her she should try to be funny while being so mean.” Yeah, her monologue to open the VMAs sorta sucked the air out of the room with its laughlessness, but SS did deliver the highly quotable Britney line “She is amazing. I mean, she is 25 years old and already she’s accomplished … everything she’s gonna accomplish in her life. It’s mind-blowing.”

Well The Sarah Silverman Program is set for another season of sometimes funny/sometimes tasteless bits, kicking off October 3rd on Comedy Central, and to celebrate, Sarah’s put together some of her greatest abortion memories, set to the knee-jerk nostalgia of “Time Of Your Life.” For the Planned Parenthood lovers out there.

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  1. chris  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    I must be part of a very small demographic because I laughed my ass off and love the Sarah Silverman Program.

  2. Seriously Stereogum–what the hell is going on? You’re slowly sinking into the shitty abyss with stuff like this. Are you trying to latch onto the Perez/TMZ coattails at a chance to get a bit more blogger famous. I intervene because I care.

  3. Javier Buchananeversonia  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    she was awful at the vma’s.
    this is a bit of redemption

  4. Who is Silverman doing that she’s still out there getting mass exposure? I mean Jimmy Kimmel ain’t got that kinda pull, so…

  5. Fe  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    It’s ironic that the full title of the song is “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” and that this is about abortion.

  6. flappppppppa  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    sweet irony there, she’s funny and mean and good

  7. conrad  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    she touches the slightly racist, lazy, self-centered asshole in all of us.

  8. benj  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    hm, if you watch the vma’s again, i think you’ll find that people were laughing. but, she wasn’t addressing an audience that is sympathetic to celebrities being ripped apart for being useless idiots, which is what s.s. was doing to britney spears. there were a lot of gasps and sort of stunned silence as well as laughter. if you go back and watch her dissing paris hilton about going to jail, you’ll find it didn’t get a huge amount of ‘ha ha’ laughs, but it made headlines all over – just like this. she does make some jokes that fall flat here and there, her humor is pretty off-kilter, but she can be funny as hell. her show is funny, to me anyways.

  9. The Kite Rider  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    Abso-fucking-lutely hilarious clip.

    The “sometimes tasteless” SS Program? Does everything have to be lo-fi, trendy and Urban Outfitters-worthy to be of value for Stereogrump?

    I concur with the above poster – Silverman’s opener at the BET Awards sounded “flat” because she was in a crowd made up exclusively of industry schumucks.

  10. Michael  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    As hard as she tries, she will never be as funny or as beautiful as Jerri Blank.

  11. sanjeet  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    I’d let Sarah touch my asshole. Wait, I think I misread that guy’s (conrad) quote above.

    Either way that clip will have me laughing all night. Bravo.

  12. g-wog  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    wow, kids on here are too indie to even pop a halfie for sarah silverman…i guess it shoulda been Feist with the sitcom.

  13. Not only do I think Sarah Silverman is funny, I think she’s hot too!

  14. Dw Dunphy  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    Yeah, Silverman’s definitely got something. It’s a shame she’s gonna go out like Chris Farley though.

    What? Doc Brown told me so.

  15. Kit  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2007 0

    “…set to the knee-jerk nostalgia of “Time Of Your Life.”
    or “… tearjerker nostalgia…”

    A REFLEX http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knee-jerk
    A GOOD CRY http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tear_jerker

  16. I hate SS, but she still cracked me up with that.

  17. Jonny Q  |   Posted on Sep 20th, 2007 0

    I like SS humour, but I think she could lose some weight. After all she is a celebrity.

  18. rich  |   Posted on Oct 4th, 2007 0

    omg that’s so funny… “I hope you had the time of your life” so perfect… if you dont like it dont watch it…

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