Trent Reznor Oscars

He won the Golden Globe, and now Trent Reznor — along with co-writer Atticus Ross — have an Oscar for their mood-setting Social Network score. Once again, it was strange to see Reznor up on stage, but he and Ross both looked and sounded like your regular old, very humble Oscar winners (and, surprisingly, another winner, The Fighter’s Melissa Leo and not Reznor, dropped the night’s only f-bomb). Reznor’s wife Mariqueen Maandig was with him at the show. Watch Ross and Reznor’s acceptance speech below:

And if you’re keeping track, Reznor only needs an Emmy and a Tony to complete his EGOT. Nine Inch Nails won Grammies for “Wish” and “Happiness In Slavery.”

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  1. Any ideas for his Emmy and Tony projects?

    • Fincher has talked about working with Trent on a staged version of Fight Club.

    • I’m sure he’s been asked to do a ton of TV scoring and theme songs, so maybe if the right AMC/HBO show or episode of Two And A Half Men came along he could get his Emmy that way.

    • David Fincher, Trent Reznor and Chuck Palahniuk are working on the Broadway version of Fight Club supposedly. They’ve described it as the anti Spiderman. Also, last I heard HBO/BBC greenlit ‘Year Zero’ as a teevee mini series with Lawrence Bender producing. EGOT could happen. Liza Minelli, Sir John Gielgud, Barbara Streisand…..and Trent Reznor. It could happen.

      • If that Year Zero mini-series ever gets made and is anywhere near as good as Trent will want it to be, you’d hope that at least net him an Emmy nomination. You know a tv-series based on a NIN album will have better music than all of TV combined…. so there’s that.

        Besides, don’t musical artists have the best change at getting an EGOT? Just because there are always winnable music categories… he should go for it. Tony seems to be a long shot, I want that TV-series!

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