The Strokes - Angles

See if you were right to judge a record by its Q*Bert cover via 30-second Angles snippets. They were initially up on iTunes, but were subsequently removed. Now they’re streaming at

Angles is out 3/22 via RCA. Maybe you’ll hear a couple songs in full at SXSW.

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  1. I was skeptical at first, but Under Cover of Darkness helped… this sounds tasty.

  2. AmI disappointed by the 80′s flavor and lack of scuzzy NYC sound? Yes. Will I still listen to it, love it, yet deep-down wish they’d released another “classic” Strokes album? Sure. Does anyone care? No.

  3. It may not be all classic Strokes, but it sounds pretty fucking good.

  4. And… its down…

  5. Sounds like Television listening to Radiohead and Talking Heads from 79-81. Nothing here really grabs you by the cojones

  6. That vid link is dead, here’s a new one:

  7. It’s 1981 y’all !

  8. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 28th, 2011 +4

    have we really become a nation of snippet listeners?!?!

  9. From what I hear, I think I like where this is going.
    I feel like this is going to be a very divisive album though. People are either going to love it or hate it.

  10. i’m pumped.

  11. excitement went from low to lower

  12. Hmm…

  13. Loving the sound of “Taken For A Fool” and not diggin the sound of “Metabolism”
    That is all.

  14. Room On Fire II

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