The Strokes – “You’re So Right”

By Amrit Singh / March 1, 2011

The first full song from Angles, “Under Cover Of Darkness,” received reviews that nearly unanimously decreed it “a very good Strokes song.” And then reviewers wondered if that was a red herring of a first impression, or a harbinger of the “return to form” that so many people seem to be craving. If yesterday’s LP in 30 second snippets didn’t make things clear, “You’re So Right” should help: At least on this track, this is the Strokes sounding like not-the-Strokes. This is the Strokes sounding something like These New Puritans. (Which should suit NME just fine.) Darker then, yes, Julian’s drone/moan employed in a somewhat different direction. See how it fits:

Speaking of NME, you can head there to hear the track should that stream above come down.