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The first full song from Angles, “Under Cover Of Darkness,” received reviews that nearly unanimously decreed it “a very good Strokes song.” And then reviewers wondered if that was a red herring of a first impression, or a harbinger of the “return to form” that so many people seem to be craving. If yesterday’s LP in 30 second snippets didn’t make things clear, “You’re So Right” should help: At least on this track, this is the Strokes sounding like not-the-Strokes. This is the Strokes sounding something like These New Puritans. (Which should suit NME just fine.) Darker then, yes, Julian’s drone/moan employed in a somewhat different direction. See how it fits:

Speaking of NME, you can head there to hear the track should that stream above come down.

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  2. Actually pretty interesting…

  3. It’s not the sound I dislike so much as the total lack of melody.

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  6. I have a feeling the band will be tight on this record, julian however…might just shit the bed.

  7. interesting?
    good vocals towards the end, and the drum machine? Awesome ideas, new directions, female vocals? WOrd!

  8. Hopefully the mix isn’t as awful on the album. Also, this seems like a crappier version of Julian’s “River of Brakelights”

    • Kinda my thoughts. I liked Phrazes for the Young though, so hopefully they’ll be able to strike a nice balance between Julian’s solo stuff and an old fashioned Strokes sound.

  9. I’ll go with interesting.

  10. This is obviously a joke, you guys.

  11. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Mar 1st, 2011 -6

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  12. I like it, not love it.

    Sounds like there attempt at a Kid A. Though I love Kid A.

  13. I hate this -my girlfriend

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  16. It’s definately interesting and different, but, is a bit disappointing. Still excited for the album though.

  17. I call bullshit. While listening to this all I could hear was:

  18. Ugh. I miss the catchy melodies, the build-and-release energy, everything that made the Strokes the Strokes! I don’t begrudge anyone their right to evolve but I think I’m just going to pretend that The Strokes became Phoenix after 2006.

  19. shit…this is really good…hope the hole album like this..

    • woozefa  |   Posted on Mar 2nd, 2011 +9

      no, the hole album was just courtney trying to relieve past glories. this will probably be better.

      (sorry, couldn’t resist).

  20. sounds like RADIOHEAD to me…

  21. Digging it! And also, from the Strokes website::::: ” The next track you’ll be able to hear off Angles will be “You’re So Right.” The track will be available on March 1st as the B-Side on the “Under Cover Of Darkness” 7″.

  22. I like it, but i hate the strokes so i guess that makes sense..

  23. Angles is the King of Limbs of our generation

  24. I like this track more than the single.

  25. Rob Sheffield says the album is good. Take it with a grain of salt though: he’s a great music writer, but he has been known to celebrate shitty albums like Weezer’s ‘Make Believe’.

    • Most meaningless, and if anything daunting, praise it could have. Rolling Stone is hilarious when it reviews music.

      As for this song: It’s weird, doesn’t really sound like the Strokes. Not particularly interesting.

  26. push thumbs up if you liked first impressions of earth

  27. i could tell julian didnt write this. They should mic the drums in a big room and mic the room. stop using protools for everything

  28. How come you think it sounds like radio dept. sometimes? The voice? Maybe.
    I like …darkness better. Why should the “try new things”, why should any band do that really? Stick to what youre good at! Ok experiment..but hey radiohead can experiment, but the strokes,.,.nah just hit record and play

  29. I want a Julian Casablancas…

  30. Who says LULZ? Who do you think you are? Crawl back to your predominately white Mid-Atlantic suburb.

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