Indie music shops are struggling, and today we lend a hand with our combined foot traffic. The array of exclusive vinyl is impressive, and many stores are staging concerts. Find the nearest participating retailer here (even if you’re at Coachella!) and share your purchases and sleevefaces in the comments.

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  1. YEAH DOODZ. Try not to buy anything the indie rock sycophants wouldn’t approve of <3.

  2. MF McNutt  |   Posted on Apr 18th, 2009 0

    It’s beautiful outside! Ignore the troll.

  3. RSTlist  |   Posted on Apr 18th, 2009 0

    Here’s a list of records to pick-up that release records that are great and have
    not received brooklyn zip code roofie like attention from blogs…

    Golden Animals
    Graham Coxon’s solo work
    The Entrance Band
    Dave Gleason

  4. Alpha Bravo  |   Posted on Apr 18th, 2009 0

    Beck ended up selling some of the Beck/Sonic Youth split singles on his online store. As grateful as I was since I’m stuck at work and got to pick one up…doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of Record Store Day?

  5. Debbie Downer  |   Posted on Apr 18th, 2009 0

    if people buy those records at Coachella they are going to warp in the sun and get ruined

  6. Happy Record Store Day, Stereogum!

    In Akron, Ohio:
    I picked up the Beck/Sonic Youth split and the Iron & Wine norfolk CD, as well as a few LPs and CDs I’d be meaning to hear. Talked to the store owner (and his wife) for a while (about some fun bands and They Might Be Giants), watched a really talented looper in the back (played some slick bass, kinda sounded like Do Make Say Think which makes sense because post-rock is big around here) and went to the local coffee shop to sit and chat with some other people celebrating. We all decided, this is entirely the best holiday. Good times!

    • I wanted the Beck/SY split — I don’t know if Other Music in NY even got any, but they were sold out of all the good RSD stuff in the AM. Rip it for us!

      • Emily  |   Posted on Apr 19th, 2009 0

        They did, because I got one there. I was visiting NY and happened upon Other Music by a series of happy coincidences and it was pretty sick. However, I did not get to stay and see the Grizzly Bear DJ set which was a bummer.

  7. Record Store Day purchases in Portland, OR:
    1. The Hold Steady – A Positive Rage
    2. Iron & Wine – Norfolk 6/20/05 [Record Store Day "exclusive"]
    3. Dark Was The Night
    4. War Child Presents Heroes
    5. Elizabethtown: Songs from the Brown Hotel EP [yes, the same "Worst Movie of All Time" Elizabethtown -- never seen the film, but this was $4 and Cameron Crowe's pretty good at soundtrack comps]

  8. alex  |   Posted on Apr 18th, 2009 0

    I was going to go

    but then I got lazy and didn’t.
    oh wells

  9. Picked up Bon Iver and MGMT records. I Didn’t really care too much for any of the special Record Store Day singles.

  10. tim  |   Posted on Apr 19th, 2009 0

    jesus lizard 7″ set :)

  11. i gots me a love extreme by benji hughes, and trees, swallows, houses by maps & atlases. no exculsives for this guy…
    oh, and um…i also got nick and norah’s infinite playlist on dvd…
    …but i also went and saw clouds play at the newbury comics in peabody, ma…so that makes me cool again, right?

  12. record store day @ fingerprints in long beach ca.
    saw crystal antlers live
    rage against the machine – people of the sun ep
    dischord special release 4 ep’s on one 12″: teen idols-minor disturbance*s.o.a. no policy*government issue-legless bull*youth brigade-possible
    chicha libre – ¡sonido amazonico!
    plus 3 freebies: 2 comps and 1 slip mat
    was looking for the black moth exclusive but no luck.

  13. i should have got the slip covers but i didnt. got a bunch of Comps and 7 inchs and hers my list of CD’s i bought:
    The Dillinger Escape Plan And Mike Patton-Irony is a dead scene
    Grand Ole Party-Grand Ole Party
    Fucked Up-Hidden World
    Jay Reatard-Matador Singles ’08

  14. Record store day was awesome!!!
    Firstly, saw Telekinesis live at Sonic Boom Records in Seattle. Then, was delighted to find a Thao/Thermals split 7″ to go along with my CD choices, the new Camera Obscura, “My Maudlin Career,” and Death Cab’s “Open Door EP.” Also got the Camera Obscura “French Navy” 7″. It was a good day.

  15. My local store had 25% off everything and I thus made it home with quite a bounty without putting too much of a dent in my pocket.

    Didn’t get any of the RSD exclusives, but picked up some oldies but greaties:

    Guided By Voices – ‘Propeller’ (Vinyl Reissue with the 50 eggs cover)
    Big Black – ‘Songs About Fucking’ (Used Vinyl)
    The Fall – ‘This Nation’s Saving Grace’ (Used Vinyl)
    Wolf Parade – ‘Apologies…’(Used Vinyl)
    Violent Femmes – ‘Hallowed Ground’ (Used CD)
    Talking Heads – ‘Little Creatures’ & ‘Naked’ (Used CDs)
    Raekwon – Only Built For….(Vinyl)
    And a bunch of random 7″ vinyl that was priced at 99 cents.

    All that AND I got punched in the face! (long story) All in all, a great day.

  16. Bought the new MMJ live album on wax

  17. CS  |   Posted on Apr 19th, 2009 0

    I bought some Neil Young on a DRM-free 256 kbps AAC encoded MP4 from my local iTunes store and got free promo Ida Maria single that I threw in the trash before I made it out of the store. I did all this while not wearing pants.

  18. Picked up the Flaming Lips/Black Keys split 7″ and the new Camera Obscura 7″. After spinning it a couple times, I am convinced that the Lips version of “Borderline” is superior to Madonna’s.

  19. volume-addict  |   Posted on Apr 19th, 2009 0

    Managed to pick up the following:
    Metric “Help I’m Alive” 7″ Picture disc
    Queen EP Queen’s First EP (numbered limited edition)
    Talking Heads 77 LP [reissue]

    and also a Merge Records CD sampler for free.

    What I enjoy about Record Store Day is that these kinds of exclusives are available.

  20. vetiver 7″

    looking for a copy of the live I&W.. anyone know where i may be able to get one?

  21. …did five stores here in the bay area: 1-2-3-4 go! in oakland, mod lang in el cerrito, rasputin and amoeba in berkeley and aquarius in SF. spent like 72 bucks on way too much shit, but if independent record stores are struggling, better help ‘em out. i will kill myself if i have to start buying CDs again, and i hope you kill me if i have to do it at a best buy or a borders. viva la indierecordstore!

  22. Daniel  |   Posted on Apr 20th, 2009 0

    had an intensely awkward, stilted, inexplicably starstruck conversation with pitchfork writer stephen deuser and an editor whose name escapes me at rainbow music in delaware. then saw two or three minutes of the spinto band at the same place.

  23. Snagged the Blitzen Trapper and Jenny Lewis/Elvis Costello singles along with the new YYYs. Good stuff.

  24. joe  |   Posted on Apr 20th, 2009 0

    fucking shit in UK

  25. Plan 9 was the greatest ever…free Dinosaur Jr. tickets given away!

    Anyway…my acquisitions…

    Free Merge Records Sampler
    Oasis-Dig Out Your Soul on 180 g vinyl
    Radiohead- Fake Plastic Trees SIngle on Vinyl
    Radiohead- OK Computer and Bends Collector’s Edition
    Free Morissey, Neko Case, and Dylan posters…

    As much as I know Capitol is milking the fans for the money, all the Radiohead reissues are just awesome.

  26. skipped out of work to hit RSD@Amoeba in Hollywood. Was there in time for the special Ace Frehley non-performance/stuff signing (which I skipped. would’ve thought Amoeba could do better than that.) I bought a used copy of Wolf Parade’s ‘Apologies to the Queen Mary’ and didn’t win a gift certificate. But on the way out I spotted Bill Paxton.

    All in all it sounds like other record stores had cooler shit going on and better exclusives for sale. (sigh).

  27. Ooops! I forgot! I’ll just support them every weekend as always, better than one freaking day!

    • Black Sunshine  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009 0

      I remember the day my brother took me to the record store to get Deadsy’s first album. I never stopped visiting the store ever since. Now, I’m opening up and finding more record stores in Boston, so I’ll always have a diverse collection of freshly heard music. I don’t know about you, but to a teenager, Record Stores were like goinng to schhol and church all at once. Hehe!

      I still love going to record stores to this day.

      • That’s cool you’re helping us vinyl fanatics continue our addiction by opening up more stores! Good luck to you and Boston! I can’t wait to visit there and check out the scene.

        As a teen, the thrift stores and garage sales were the only access to find records, and I still recollect how exciting it was to find some of my favorite treasures! Then once I grew a little older, and found some kick ass record stores nearby, I was saddened by the short expiration date on their business. Now I have to travel far into the city to find stores like these. You are sooo right on about it like going to church and school! Its a very spiritual and meditational experience, getting lost in the array of music, and jumping for joy inside yourself when you find your personnal vinyl holy grail! We need places like these to stay in existance! They’re so cool. :)

  28. I think its great that gen y is into vinyl and album cover art and that sites like yours are helping vinyl sellers get business. i agree with gen y, that art on cds is not the same as album art(something you can frame), cd cover art is rather small, and you get no hardcopy, album cover art/graphics downloading mp3s

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