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“Black Lion Massacre” is heavier and more discordant than your more recent soulful of Montreal fare. (Maybe the darkness of those Norwegian black metal he sang about on Hissing Fauna finally made a real impression.) The implosion opens the forthcoming five song EP, thecontrollersphere. The songs emerged from the False Priest sessions. Gather your earplugs:

You can grab the MP3 for the price of an email address here. If you’re unsure, maybe Barnes’ press release about the EP will convince you:

Here’s your folk record, I hope you like that I’ve carried on the tradition of such folk luminaries as Abu Bakr Khairat, Benny Moré and Nawal Al Zoghbi. These songs were written in Sunlandia, that’s where most of the folk songs are written now a days, and they were recorded up there, as well as in LA with Jon Brion, with no small contribution from Matt Chamberlain (drum du lum and yerba matte enthusiast) and K Ishibashi (my most modern classical friend). It is my hope that you can tolerate listening to this short EP in one sitting and appreciate it like a fine dining experience. Furthermore, the force that threw the green fuse anointed this protest album. It is a protest statement against the pneuma possessive. In fact this album is the voice of a desirous spirit that is aware of its positive zero chance of fulfillment or salvation or respite. There are many noisy moments that represent my attempt to communicate, in a sub human language, all that cannot be expressed with our earth tongue and all manners of mouth mechanisms. This little EP is a freak out record, have you ever seen anyone dancing to folk music? Well, like my fellow folk singing brother Bob Dylan once said, ’I’d dance with you Maria, but my hands are on fire.’ Though, in this case, the world is roughly one year from extinction…or not.

Sure. Or this preview video:

The thecontrollershere tracklist:

01 “Black Lion Massacre”
02 “Flunkt Sass vs. the Root Plume”
03 “Holiday Call”
04 “L’age D’or”
05 “Slave Translator”

thecontrollersphere EP is out 4/26 via Polyvinyl. That same day Polyvinyl’s releasing What’s Weird?, a 128-page art book from of Montreal’s in-house artist David Barnes.

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  1. This is probably the most interesting thing he’s done since Hissing Fauna.

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  3. the ep as a whole is KILLER. much like the hissing fauna and icons abstract thee, this is a great album followed by a great ep. while both the album and the ep arent are swell as hissing fauna or icons, kevin can do no wrong! see you in may bitchessssssssssssssss

  4. This is honestly the worst song i’ve ever heard

  5. haha. this song is not really representative of the rest of the EP. i’d say it fits well as the opener, but not something that could really stand on its own!
    that being said, kevin barnes never ceases to amaze me… with every new album that comes out i always think “well now he’s REALLY lost it”. he just keeps getting crazier and freakier and i love it, although i realize not everyone digs that sort of thing.
    as always there are plenty of lines that are just money (“your pussy is a star”), but the music is pretty different here. lots of noisy bits, and screams and stuff. and also a few extended jammy parts with added strings and everything.
    anyway, i think its awesome.

  6. That video isn’t the actual song…and the ep is a great listen. some cool ideas and all that shiiiit. pretty much it’s

    01. noise
    02. bowie
    03. sunlandic funk with some eastern musical influence on flute and violin (ya know the kind, think indian music with it’s strange ragas and stuff)
    04. false priest ish
    05. hissing fauna-ish

    yeah, not that anything i say really has any meaning.

  7. I was personally a bit disappointed by “False Priest.” I was not expecting much out of this EP, but I just gave it a listen and was VERY pleasantly surprised.

    As other commenters have pointed out, the other four tracks sound completely different than this one. While I’m not sure how I’d rate this song overall, I will say this: At least it shows Kevin is not playing it safe and isn’t afraid to take risks again–which the rest of the album certainly bears out as well.

  8. fuck eat skull

  9. Get the hell off this site!

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