Sondre Lerche 2011

Sondre Lerche is prepping the followup to 2009′s Heartbeat Radio. The sometime-Brooklynite (he was here for the ’Gum Bowl last year) embraces his adopted home a little bit more on his upcoming self-titled LP. He recorded his album at Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s omnipresent Rare Book Room studio (here’s a list of some of who’s recorded there recently, the list includes Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective, Small Black, etc). The album, recorded and mixed by RBR’s Nicolas Vernhes (with longtime producer Kato Ådland) was recorded mostly to tape and then mixed within three weeks. “Domino” reflects that; it’s coarse-grained without feeling rushed. There’s nice details too, like the heartbeat thump on the break between Lerche’s choruses. Listen:

Sondre Lerche is out 6/7 via Mona Records. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Ricochet”
02 “Private Caller”
03 “Red Flags”
04 “Go Right Ahead”
05 “Coliseum Town”
06 “Never Mind The Typos”
07 “Domino”
08 “Living Dangerously”
09 “Tied Up To The Tide”
10 “When The River”

Comments (6)
  1. That’s Right … THE NEW ALBUM !!! I will always LOVE Sondre Lerche Album …
    Indonesian people here … ^_^

  2. A little dissapointed. But at least it’s better then Heartbreat Radio.
    Still a bit too poppy in my opinion. But it’s getting better.

  3. Me gusta mucho,
    I hope he plays some of his new songs at SXSW

  4. are we sure this isn’t malcolm in the middle?

  5. I taste duper session :D

  6. It is definetely a grower. I wish the album would come out tomorrow though :(

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