Battles Ice Cream

Vocalist/guitarist/etc. Tyondai Braxton left Battles to work on his solo orchestral and otherwise compositions, so for second full-length Gloss Drop, the remaining trio of Ian Williams, Dave Konopka, and master drummer John Stanier added guests vocalists, including Chilean-born, Kompakt-associated techno producer/singer/DJ Matias Aguayo. He gives it a go on sunny, funky “Ice Cream,” the most immediate pop song of the lot.


01 “Africastle”
02 “Ice Cream” (Feat. Matias Aguayo)
03 “Futura”
04 “Inchworm”
05 “Wall Street”
06 “My Machines” (Feat. Gary Numan)
07 “Dominican Fade”
08 “Sweetie & Shag” (Feat. Kazu Makino)
09 “Toddler”
10 “Rolls Bayce”
11 “White Electric”
12 “Sundome” (Feat. Yamantaka Eye)

Gloss Drop is out 6/7 via Warp.

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  1. Wow, this is a lot more poppy than their last album, but it sounds good; you can still hear the classic Battles sound in this.

  2. man i was really worried this was gonna suck after Braxton quit, but this is such a solid jam.

  3. anyone else getting a little 311 vibe?

  4. Am I the only one that thinks this is colossally disappointing? Aguayo truly sounds shoehorned into an arrangement that was not meant for him. The overall sunniness of the arrangement doesn’t bug me anywhere near as much as it should, but the vocals are way too far in front. And I think niteskin’s right on the money (although I immediately think of Sugar Ray, and not the early, heavy Sugar Ray).

    The music’s okay, but the vocals make this song suck.

    • I don’t think it’s any more 311 or Sugar Ray than later-period Animal Collective, save for the slightly more reggae rhythm. I don’t love this, but then again, I don’t love any post-Feels AC!

  5. Ah. I’ll still get it.

  6. California by Mr. Bungle anyone? I love it though, glad this guys have humor and a good pop-writing sensibility. Elevates them above the “serious” math rockers IMO

  7. Thank you for not “saying Glass Drop drops 6/7″

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