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For those left cold by the sedate side of “Will Do,” there is this, TV On The Radio’s next release from the forthcoming Nine Types Of Light taste. It’s called “Caffeinated Consciousness,” which is a telling title given the overall jolt this track provides coming on the back of the last one. Yes, it’s nice to hear them trying to speed up your heart rate a little — “Caffeinated” has an amped up So-era Peter Gabriel tone to it, switching between sections that clang and soothe. Try it on for size:

Yours for an email:

Nine Types Of Light is out 4/12. The band is playing two shows at SXSW (SPIN’s show at Stubb’s and another the next day), then Radio City the day after the album’s release, and Letterman the day after that. Also, they’ve got a plum slot on Sunday at Pitchfork Fest. Big time (I know they’re making it).

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  1. this is fucking awesome.

  2. Great. The album of cover also looks much more appealing when it says the bands name on it.

  3. Way stronger than “Will Do.”

  4. Reminds me of U-Mass by The Pixies…not a bad thing.

  5. Apparently I need to listen to more “So” era Peter Gabriel.

  6. Killer tune…

  7. Very intrigued. Must resist overplaying these advance songs though, I wanna give all the songs on the album equal listens. Maybe that’s just OCD me talking though.

  8. I like Will Do better…guess I’m just a mellow guy

  9. Very solid. I’m not expecting anything to outdo ‘Cookie Mountain’ or ‘Dear Science’, however I’m always willing to be pleasantly surprised…

  10. Talking Heads anyone?!

  11. dasghdgakjdjlasşda

  12. saw the live debut of this song in philly, they absolutely killed it

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