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We told you about Animal Collective’s collaboration with Keep sneakers. Maybe you even ordered a pair of “Avey Tare Ghost Tobin” kicks. When talking about the AC footwear, we also mentioned a mixtape featuring new music from the crew: “Pre-ordered shoes will come with a bonus cassette of previously unreleased music and will be delivered direct to the customer in the Spring.” It’s getting close, so Abby Portner (aka Dave’s sister aka Drawlings) put together a teaser for the tape that features snippets from the tape as well as [UPDATE: "Fickle Cycle” set to] plenty of trippy visuals. Take a look and check out the mix’s tracklist and cover art.

The songs:

01 Geologist – “Jailhouse”
02 Avey Tare – “Call Home (Buy Grapes)”
03 Deakin – “Country Report”
04 Panda Bear – “The Preakness”

The cover:

Animal Collective Keep Mixtape Cover Art

The official Animal Collective + Keep shoe release is 3/26.

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  1. The song in the teaser is “Fickle Cycle” from the Grass EP, not from this new mixtape.

  2. Damn I’m SO excited for the Pitchfork set. I wonder what they’ll play.

  3. for anyone who cares, panda’s contribution “The Preakness” is the song referred to as “A Day Ago” from some of the older boots from last year… i was bummed to see it left off of Tomboy, but now we get it anyway! Winning.
    also, sonic boom says he had nothing to do with the recording – its all panda.

    anyway, i’m really excited for this. avey’s song will undoubtedly be good, as well as deakin’s. i wonder what the hell geo will sound like by himself?? vocals? that would be a first, and crazy

  4. Very excited to see them at Pitchfork as well. I wanna hear “Chores,” mutha fucka.

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