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They’ve released videos, appeared on Saturday Night Live, and even had their haircuts analyzed by the the New York Times Magazine (guitarist Nick Valensi tells the reporter that he only washes his hair about 10 times a year). The only thing left now is an album release. The official release date is 3/22, but some new songs from Angles found their way to the internet recently, via Seattle’s 107.7 The End. Their streams were taken down, so you’ll need to check out for upbeat album opener “Machu Picchu” and the Nick Valensi-penned “Taken For A Fool.” The latter song is about Valensi’s hair.

UPDATE: Stream the whole album at

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  1. Move over James Blake’s self titled debut, I think The Strokes are about to release my favorite album of the first quarter of 2011.

  2. I must be the only one that finds James Blake’s album boring, but that’s a topic for another discussion. On my 4th listen through Angles and I like more each time, however it still doesn’t fulfill me the way I’d hoped it would. All in all it’s a good album but it doesn’t blow me away. Then again, not much does these days. Wah wah waaaaaaaaaaah.

  3. The congas in ‘Machu Picchu’ are pretty cool and unexpected. The guitarists both seem more adventurous with their tones and effects on this album too. Are those female vocals toward the end of the song? Anyone know who it is? They seem to be interested in sultry grooves on this album. By that I mean that the focus seems to be on the groove rather than the melody … I guess that’s what happens when you write without vocals? Not that I think it’s a good thing or a bad thing, just a reflection of the new working style.

  4. Why was Machu Picchu not the first single? Holy fantastic. I am 100% in love with this album. They done good.

  5. I’m loving Taken For a Fool.

  6. Machu Picchu is somewhat strange, but certainly awesome.

  7. Stereogum needs to step their game up.. These two songs are not the ONLY ones leaked recently… THE STROKES ARE STREAMING THE ENTIRE NEW ALBUM ON THEIR OWN SITE NOW!!! There goes my theory of Stereogum just reposting Pitchfork posts haha

  8. Decent album. I think some of the songs are could qualify as the best work they’ve done so far, but some are not very good.

    At least the album doesn’t totally suck.

  9. Does anyone else hear a hint of Michael Jacksons “Wanna be starting something” in the bridge (or whatever that part would be designated as) of ‘Machu Picchu’???

  10. Good album. But, I really wish they would focus on a direction they want to go with an album and stick with it. They should either make an album with songs like “Two kinds Of..” and “You’re So Right”, then an album with songs like “Undercover Of….” and “Taken For…”, this just sounds too all over the place. But these all are great songs some experimental while others are classic Strokes.

  11. i barely listen to the strokes anymore, but this album is really solid and a vast improvement over FIOE, which I think I’ve maybe listened to once…. I just wished that all of the songs were as fwd thinking as “Games”, “You’re so right”, “Life is Simple…” nonetheless a very good modern sounding record….

  12. I disagree. Win.

  13. via P4K
    “Casablancas also expresses some reservations about Angles, even if he’s not as quick as Valensi to find the silver lining. Asked if he likes the finished album, he takes a long pause. “I mean… yes… It’s a tough question because I think the whole point was that I was going to let things go so there’s a bunch of stuff [on the record] I wouldn’t have done.”

    A little discouraging. They can do better.

  14. 25th listen – What I can’t help but notice is how unfinished a lot of the songs feel. Games? Man that is barely a sketch of a song. And most of the songs don’t even have a bridge – At least four of them are just verse chorus, verse chorus chorus. I think Under Cover of Darkness really was a great choice for first single, as it’s the best song on the album. Macchu Pichu and Taken for a Fool are the most likely other singles, with maybe Two Kinds of Happiness as an alternate. Four-ish great songs, the rest to me is just middling.

  15. Every time I hear Two Kinds of Happiness I expect the first words to be “Oh well uh you might think I’m crazy…”. The album is not great like their first two but I do think it’s better than Phrazes for the Young, which I think didnt get enough credit. And it’s much better than First Impression of Earth.

  16. this new sound of Angles follows a logical progression of the strokes career. it kinda reminds me of The Cars career, started off raw (self-titled, Candy-O) and expanded into a more commercial, focused sound (Shake It Up, Heartbeat City). The common link is that beneath the various production changes, The Strokes (like The Cars) have always concerned themselves with writing tight pop tracks. And this hasn’t changed with Angles. It definitely is a bit weaker than their previous albums, but has some great hooks/guitars/arrangements (could’ve done without ‘You’re So Right, “Metabolism”). My point is that The Strokes haven’t changed THAT much as i hear a lot of people say. They’ve lost their edge, true. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still make great albums.

  17. Not bad, but not great. They could have done a lot better. I still am not sure why they’re not letting Julian assume creative control again; some songs on this album sounds a little ridiculous (weird production, and overboard guitar-noodling), and they’ve essentially dropped a lot of the elements that made them so bad ass. Kinda frustrating.

  18. It’s kind of a mess, small scale and large. Taken for a Fool and Under Cover of Darkness are great, catchy songs, but the rest of the tracks (and the album as a whole) kind of meander around without ever finding real cohesion or a central theme.

    • Yoooouuu guys are the reason this site is dying. But, it’s ok. The Strokes don’t make music for you all. The Strokes are Beer and Cigarettes. You guys are like, I don’t know… Some really awesome drink that I don’t even know about.
      But like I said, it’s cool. I’ll be enjoying this catchy, unpredictable, and dare I say cohesive album, while you all sit around sad because it didn’t take you there, when the truth is, you never really wanted to go in the first place.

      • I think you’d have a really great point if this album was actually any good…

        • Oh man, how I wanted this album to take me there. I remember seeing Hard to Explain on MTV one day before school in the 8th grade. It totally blew me away. First Impressions still holds a place in my heart, if not just for the first three songs on the album. I was crazy pumped for Angles too until I heard the straight up River Of Brakelights demo “You’re So Right” and then read about how the entire album was recorded Postal Service style. The end result isn’t horrible, but it sure is a bummer.

  19. Consummate professionals making good music. It’s about time. I dig a fair amount of the lo-fi shit, but it’s good to hear a well-produced, well-performed album by a band that deserves to be heard.

  20. You know, this album could never be” is this it”. No album ever will be again, just for the sheer fact that it was a moment in time that honestly had other issues in play. People often forget who the Strokes stood as the antitheses of when “is this it” hit. That’s right, five guys, tight jeans.. ring a bell? N SYNC… I’m not saying the Strokes stole any of their fans, but they stood in defiance of all a bubble gum pop phenomena that had literally swept the nation (into a state of collective nausea.) The Strokes were what we needed right then, right there. Now, we don’t need them as much, but they are just as good.
    In the words of so many crazed fanboys at the release of King of Limbs, “Listen again.” Listen to Machu Pichu’s layered guitar plucks, and then layered rolling riff. Listen to how clean and concise the song writing is. Listen to Julians tortured yelps on several of the tracks. Just because their sound changes doesn’t always mean it’s for the worse. This is an album full of summer jams. This is the way The Killers Hot Fuss should have sounded. Listen again on Metabolism where Julian brings back his is this it style vocals. What I’m trying to say is this album has a lot hidden in there. it’s 630 in the morning and I have to drive 2 hours to work and 2 hours home and so I’ve gotten that chance, and thankfully for me, this has been just what I needed as Spring draws near. Gratisfaction

    • I can tell your a fan and it is perfectly suited to what I think. I read this thread in this same site pissing on Angles and I was shocked. People expect the band to record another “Is This It?” but would prolly piss on it to if they did. I am happy with the record, not completely in love with it but thankful they have released this. Not the next album should be better.

    • I can tell your a fan and it is perfectly suited to what I think. I read this thread in this same site pissing on Angles and I was shocked. People expect the band to record another “Is This It?” but would prolly piss on it to if they did. I am happy with the record, not completely in love with it but thankful they have released this. NOW the next album should be better.

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