Justice - "Civilization"

Yesterday’s tease is today’s full song soundcloud stream ripped from an Adidas ad complete with incidental commercial sound effects. “Civilization,” the return track from French bloghouse synth-distorters Jus†ice, is also a soundtrack to the “All Adidas” campaign. And fair enough, it sounds like the sort of stuff the ancient Romans would play before sending their gladiators out into the Coliseum, if the ancient Romans had the foresight to invent Daft Punk. Listen to it in its video-ripped commercial form:

UPDATE: Forget the video rip … here’s the full single audio (via 1077theend)

“Civilization” will be out 4/4 via Ed Banger/Because Music. The Adidas campaign launches tomorrow.

Comments (19)
  1. I’m excited.

  2. This is promising!

  3. Fucking hot, can’t wait for more from these guys. Cross remains an incredibly solid album.

  4. JUSTICE!!!!!!!

  5. Weird, like in your face with distorted nice, while burying the sweetness beneath it. Shall see about the rest of the album

  6. Is it just me or is the stream not showing for anybody else?

  7. Wheres the original Adidas Video?

  8. Im gonna cry, i was waiting for this so long!

  9. Dear Stereogum, I hope you aren’t messing with my heart like the last time we heard of a supposed new track. *Cough* “Beginning Of The End” *Cough*

  10. i was waiting for this so fucking long! incredible!

  11. I found the track, and it’s in 320 kbs quality!!


  12. Not the track, just a remix. Still pretty good tho.

  13. And here is a killing french remix from Q.G. ! More aggressive, i like it a lot

  14. Damn this track is hotttt … awsome stadiumrock feeling *ledzep etc

    Cool more Synthstyle remix :P

    Justice – Civilization (Dr.GoFast Remix)

  15. Hot track.

    Unknown remix right here, fucking hot :


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