Jens Lekman Read And Shout Festival

Jens Lekman was the headliner at the Read and Shout Festival. It was an event created by librarian Matt Stead to raise awareness of the massive library closings across the UK. Lekman debuted played two new songs and according to blog The Line Of Best Fit, he revealed the stories behind each one. The first, “Waiting For Kristen,” was written for the Spiderman star, who once mentioned Lekman in a magazine interview. Lekman wrote the second new song “Every Little Hair Knows Your Name” after a breakup that left him unable to write songs for a while. The time wasn’t a total waste though — he told the audience he worked out while working through his breakup, and can now do 100 push-ups. Welcome to the club, Jens!

“Waiting For Kristen”

“Every Little Hair Knows Your Name”

(via The Line Of Best Fit)

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  1. He’s actually performed “Waiting for Kristen” before, and given the story behind it. I completely forget when, but I definitely heard that story and the song before.

    • These are new songs but not the first performances ever. And I think this may be the best they’ve been recorded (I couldn’t find them elsewhere online).

      • Not to be nitpicky, but you did say, “Lekman debuted two new songs.”

        Sorry, I used to be a copy editor at a newspaper so it’s almost impossible for me NOT to pick up on small details like that. :-P

        Regardless of how “new” each song is and whether or not it was debuted at that show, I really, really hope we get some new studio output from Jens soon. And thanks for posting these videos.

        • I change it (and put a copy editor line through the old one). I tried to do a Progress Report with Jens Lekman a while back but he hadn’t started writing yet. That was two years ago, though. Might be time to try again.

  2. You posted the same video twice.

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