Panda Bear - Tomboy

Here’s the last single in Panda Bear’s pre-Tomboy singles series. It’s called “Surfer’s Hymn,” which is a good title for it :bookended with crashing waves and rife with bright, quick mallet percussion and one of Noah’s sunny seize-the-day melodies. This will be appreciated by people who were thrown by Panda exploring his doldrums, missed Panda Bear being affirmational and beachy:

(Thanks for the tip, Will)

The “Surfer’s Hymn” single is out 3/28 via Kompakt. Its b-side is a remix by Actress, which you can hear now at Soundcloud. Tomboy is due 4/12. Stream a lot of the pre-LP 7″s here.

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  2. Is it just me, or is there no track to stream/download here?

  3. it’s taken me a couple listens but i like it

  4. I love how Panda Bear is spreading out this wow album with a track a month. Or at least it seems like it.

  5. is there no stream of the actual song or is there just somethnig wrong with my browser?

  6. This is the vinyl rip of Surfer’s Hymn that was posted online last night, not the official release.

  7. not sure if i like this one too much

  8. I have a feeling I’m not going to care much for this album.

  9. Beginning of this made my cat scram like the wind. I lol’d.

  10. This seems the closest to Person Pitch so far and still sounds very different then that recored

  11. I LOVE Panda Bear, but are they serious with that pitch-shifting backup vocal??? Was that Sonic Boom’s doing? Shit is fucking annoying and ruins what was potentially an amazing song :(

  12. I really like this mix, and I can’t wait for the album version of it either.

  13. How not to release a record: string your fans along for 4 years, and in the last 2, keep putting off and putting off a release date, and then release a song a month until the actual release day of the physical record, so fans will have absolutely nothing to look forward to. slow motion is the only saving grace i’ve heard so far, the only saving grace in 4 years.

    • That’s a bit harsh, we’ve hardly been strung along. It’s not as if he owes us anything, or has deceived us. He’s simply approaching the release from a different genre-related viewpoint. I think it’d be fair to say his music, though not out and out electro, has more of a leaning towards electronic music than before, and it’s really common for electronic artists to release EPs and singles prior to an album. I’d expect there to be a fair few gems left on the album which haven’t been released. You’ve got to remember that the likes of Bros and Good Girl/Carrots were over 12 minutes, and they were the true standouts for me. He’s not going to release an album centre-piece before its release! Sure, it perhaps doesn’t hold the same degree of expectation as Merriweather, but he probably doesn’t want that.

  14. It’s alright, but these songs always end up sounding so similar. This doesn’t sound very unique. It could just be another song off of a Animal Collective album.

  15. It makes me wanna get up and dance! Or surf!

  16. The sun’s out, got a tank on, dreaming of going for a surf… it works for me:) the melody is super familiar and while the pulsing grove isn’t manic or “dub,” it does feel good. totes optimistic right now

  17. Took me a few listens but this is fucking terrific.

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