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EMA is the solo project of Erika M. Anderson, formerly one-half of Gowns (along with The Mae Shi’s Ezra Buchla). They released the very good Red State before breaking up in early 2010. Anderson’s new solo project is not too far a jump from the haunting sounds she put together with Buchla in Gowns. (And it’s certainly not as different as Buchla’s projects were.) You may have already heard “The Grey Ship” via our monthly mix. “California” begins with Anderson declaring “fuck California,” before running down a series of conversational fragments and memories (“What’s it like to be small town and gay?” “I’m just 22/I don’t mind dying” “I used to carry a gun”) over crashing, slow waves of sound. She stares at the camera, smiles, gestures, and holds your attention for the duration of this simple video. It’s good to see that she’s kept the intensity that Gowns were known for. Watch:

(via P4K)

Past Life Martyred Saints is out 5/10 via Souterrain Transmissions.

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  1. wow what an art jackass. terrible!

    • Are you even listening to what she’s saying? Ignore the video-style, this is brutal emotion on display, and how she delivers it…damn..

      • you know, i watched it again because of your comment, and we just have different opinions. this is hard for me to sit through. it reminds me of all the cringe-inducing performance art i’ve ever seen. it’s one thing to have a life-affirming message, which is great, but it’s another thing to overshadow that with silly theatrics and a badass hipster schtick about guns and dying and fuck california. the intensity of her haircut is not fooling me.

  2. I love this. She knows how to keep your attention.

  3. I like it. Makes me excited to hear a full album.

    It actually reminds me of the Hold Steady “Modesto Is Not That Sweet.” In a good way.

  4. Armpit hair surprise!

  5. This broad has horrible taste in shoes. That’s brutal.

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