Ellen Page Witch House

You probably associate Ellen Page with Moldy Peaches, but as she told EW, Juno’s listening to ghostly, hypnotic, claustrophobic music when not carrying Michael Cera’s baby:

Ellen Page Balam Acab Salem EW
(Via @TriAngleRecords)

Based on what she likes about Balam Acab and Salem, she should dig into some atmospheric black metal next.

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  2. Somebody wants some indie cred…

  3. She needs to eat a hamburger phone.

  4. I can’t help but cringe inside every time I see or hear someone praise SALEM. Rich Juzwiak called King Night “Dummy 2k10″ and I was LOLOLO NO. Not even close.

    SALEM is terrible. We all need to just accept it.

  5. Hipster fantasy overload.

  6. Actually, why can’t she just like whatever bands she likes at the moment?

  7. Dog day is really good and you guys suck!

  8. This is why she’s the shit!

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    • Well, of COURSE Ellen Page can’t have any indie cred. She has a successful career, and probably bathes regularly, so she can’t be cool.

      Geez, you toads need to get a life. I think the only thing I’m beginning to hate more than Stereogum are Stereogum comment posters.

      • the issue here is she tries so very hard to dance that line where she pretends to dismiss the very industry she props up by claiming she’s so in touch with the indie outsider world even as her mug is thrown up on the screen just playing the same dismissive character ticks…successful career? yeah compared to non-actors I guess it would be consider “successful”. bathes regularly? even been in close proximity to her during any one of her appearances at an indie show here in LA? deep musky tuna odor exuding from her lower area…

  10. I’m not sure I’d read too much into this … her praise for these bands seems genuine, and they are legitimately obscure, at least to the point where the likelihood this is just pandering to the “indie” crowd is quite unlikely.

    Now, if she were like, “OMG I LOVE BEST COAST! HER KITTY IS SO CUTE!!!”–well, THAT would be a different story.

  11. who’s dog day? any good?

    and yes, i do know about letmegooglethatforyou.com

  12. omg CHRISTIE PORTER!!!!!!!!!

    mad props for the SALEM shout out

  13. I nominate this young lady for Cutest Person of All Time.

  14. I second that nomination, and think the Kitty should get cutest Kitty of all time.

  15. I think everyone is right and young actresses should go back to the way things were in the ’80s when they all listened to Motley Crue and gyrated their pelvises on the hood of White Snake’s car. Because, really, who wants self-respect?

  16. she is awesome. STOP using the term ‘Witch House’ though!!! now and forever, never again. please? what can I do to make this happen???

  17. I feel like witch house doesn’t really describe half of these bands. I mean if anything bands like Beach house should be identified as witch house rather than a band like white ring or balam acab. Either way it’s rad that ew posted that article, those bands are gnar gnar.

    Also I made coachella posters so please have a look at them, share them, email me to have them printed, whatevs,


  18. “Based on what she likes about Balam Acab and Salem, she should dig into some atmospheric black metal next.”

    Dude, Ellen Page as a Locrian fan. I love it.

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