The Strokes On Jimmy Fallon 2011

The Strokes chose to go black and white for their performance of “You’re So Right” on Fallon last night, which is a fitting tonal palette for this Angles oddball. Also you get to see a Stroke other than Julian singing on a Strokes song (Nick intones and moans like an anxious These New Puritan). Maybe it’s the color scheme’s dramatics or just that it’s a different angle for the band, or just that the band is getting into a groove, but this one feels urgent and invested yet natural and easy in a way recent performances haven’t. Good job Strokes.

In Google terms: +1.

[H/T to Reader Don for nudging us this morning. Good nudge.]

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  1. Looks like they may be starting to actually enjoy themselves.

  2. You’re So Right was one of my least favorite tracks on the album but this performance was honestly flawless and they rocked the SHIT out of this song.

  3. should titled this nick valensi’s AWFUL back up vocals

  4. At least they got the vocals right this time by putting reverb on Nick’s mic, though either someone should sing with Jules — maybe Nickolai since he wrote the song and has a similar low pitch to Jules’ — at the part of the song that begins @ 0:45 and repeats @ 1:30, or double Jules’ vocal live. I don’t think doubling his vocal live will be too tacky. St. Vincent does it.

  5. this performance has forced me to give the record another listen

  6. they are easy to be dismissed but I have to admit they rocked the casbah

  7. good lookin out

  8. GodDAMN that was great! I don’t like that song that much but holy sheeet they rocked it.

  9. I thought this performance was absolutely terrible. Embarrassing even, I had to look away a few times. They were drowning. The backing vocals were ridiculous. The song is lame too. Looks like all of you guys liked it so guess they’re doing something right.

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