Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

People debated the relative grunge-ness of “Rope” when it first surfaced, though I think time would’ve been better spent appreciating Dave Grohl’s Hulk Hogan-esque acting in the Lemmy-approved “White Limo” video. Regardless, get your flannel ready before you stream Foo Fighters’ analog-recorded, Butch Vig-produced seventh album Wasting Light. As far as contributing to the ’90s Seattle vibe, Krist Novoselic appears on “I Should Have Known.” Elsewhere, proto-grunge hero Bob Mould contributes vocals and guitar to standout “Dear Rosemary,” making me wish he’d contributed vocals to additional tracks. The biggest issue: How many of these songs will appear in inspirational NFL montages? (The answer: At least two.) Listen:

Wasting Light is out 4/12 via RCA.

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  1. The first verse in “Arlandria” was a bit familiar and then it hit me. Oingo Boingo’s “Hey.”

  2. These Days reminds me of In Your Honor….. goood.

  3. all songs are hit, maybe dave grohl is a god.

  4. They never stop amazing me! I can’t wait to see their documentary “Back and Forth” on April 5th in Melbourne, FL! They’re premiering it all over the country, check out all the locations….

  5. i think i will. can’t wait until Wasting Light comes out physically!

  6. Love this record already. And im really diggin the “Rope”video! P.S. Anybody going to see the Foo Fighters Documentary?–its playing in select theaters on Monday:

  7. It’s Foolicious!!!!

  8. 38 artists, including Foo Fighters, donated some of their hits to the Songs for Japan benefit album, and it’ll be released Tuesday so donate money for Japan and get music!

  9. Just saw “Walk” on an espn montage. Sorry Brandon, not football! All Sports! Geez.

  10. i hope you realize by putting this in heavy rotation, you can’t take it back

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