Arthur movie

If you’re tired of listening to Death Cab’s “You Are A Tourist” on repeat, check out this new one from lead Cutie Ben Gibbard. We heard “When The Sun Goes Down” live at Noise Pop; here it’s fleshed out with quiet drums and a Paul Simon-y solo. The track comes from the soundtrack to Arthur, a remake of the 30 (!) year old Dudley Moore movie. In the new one Russell Brand plays Arthur and Ben Gibbard plays Christopher Cross.

(via SKOA)

Arthur is out 4/8.

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  1. This movie looks so stupid.

  2. This screams Paul Simon.
    And I love it.

  3. I wouldn’t say I’m exactly “tired” of You are a Tourist in repeat… But this is a lovely little Paul Simon-esque song. This was nice to wake up to.

  4. Really cool! Thanks for sharing!

  5. where’s Dudley Moore when you need him? Oh yeah…dead. Does Gibbard do Btw the Moon and NYC?

  6. that was supposed to be a between abbreviation, not btw, how is that done? Anyway… I for some reason remember the first one fondly (was 7? or so), this one… I’ll likely skip

  7. Love the haunting guitar solo and galloping percussion. Must have!

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