Indian - Guiltless

Blasted Chicago doom quartet Indian’s Sanford Parker-recorded third full-length Guiltless is one of the heaviest records of 2011. It’s also one of the best. The guitars are sturdy, droning, down-tempo, desolate, and exceedingly catchy, but it’s the crusty details and exhilaratingly bleak, strangulated vocals of guitarists Dylan O’Toole and Middian/Wolves In The Throne Room/Nachtmystium multi-tasker Will Lindsay that bring it home for me. The also quintet features drummer Bill Bumgardner of Chicago-area blackened sludge crew Lord Mantis. More important to getting the atmosphere, though, is that Sean Patton’s sole job is “noise.” Take a listen. You’ll need an hour and your favorite earplugs.

Guiltless is out 4/12 in the US via Relapse. Scott Fricke did the cover art. You can pre-order the album now at Relapse. If you’re in the Chicago area, catch the guys’ co-record release show with expansive, occasionally Om-like labelmates Bloodiest (featuring Bruce Lamont and members of 90 Day Men, Sterling) on 4/9 at Subterranean.

Indian Promo 2011

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  1. This album will disappoint guys into rap memes.

    This one is a total victory for Indian, the vocals alone could induce a heart attack for sure.
    Grade A Doom.

  2. I love Odd Future and this album doesn’t disappoint at all.

  3. Not bad at all. The black-metal-esque vocals might take some getting used to.

    What’re some good traditional doom acts these days? Seems like the genre’s more or less been in abeyance since Reverend Bizarre broke up and Wino went acoustic.

  4. This is really excellent. I haven’t listened to Indian in quite a while. I guess it’s time to revisit “The Syncophant” and “Sights and Abuse.” Have they had a significant line-up change since that recording?

  5. this album makes this rap fan stoked…I live in chicago and need to check these guys out

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