Girls Names’ deep crooning vocals remind me of Crystal Stilts — both bands are on Slumberland Records and both like to keep their voices mixed low and ghostly. But I think this song, like Girls Names’ others have a bouncing energy that pulls them out of the murk. The Belfast trio’s “Bury Me” video includes shots of graves, dead trees, and darkened church interiors, but they all work as a contrast to the song’s buoyant guitar riff and fast-paced drums. (These images do compliment the song’s them of burial and isolation.) I also think that the words appearing on the bottom of the screen, karaoke-style, betrays the band’s lighter side (or maybe director Philippa Bloomfield has a great sense of humor). Watch:

Listen to “Séance On A Wet Afternoon”:

Dead To Me is out 4/26 via Slumberland.

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  1. the guys played our show – check it out –

  2. Bury me in a wall of sound
    When they lay me down in the ground
    Bury me in shallow depth
    Bury me upon last breath
    With sincerity bury me
    In naivety I will be
    When they lay me down in the ground
    Bury me in a wall of sound

    Complete lyrics here :

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