Death Cab For Cutie - You Are A Tourist Video

Today at 7pm EST / 4pm PST Death Cab For Cutie will attempt the first-ever “live, scripted, single-take music video” for Codes And Keys lead single “You Are A Tourist.” Their director Tim Nackashi has handled tricky shoots for OK Go and Craig Wedren before, but this’ll be interesting.

Watch the live video stream below.

Can’t see the stream on your mobile device? Click here.

Codes And Keys is out now.

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  1. That was quite impressive.

  2. that was great!

  3. Codes And Keys is out now?!?!?!?! Hook me up!!! Haha.

  4. The album release is May 3rd. Not April 3rd.

  5. Pretty cool concept. I wish more video were done this way

  6. That new haircut looks ridiculous on him. Sorry, superficial, but true.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the only difference between a “live, scripted, single-take music video” and a straight-up “live performance” the presence of an audience? I guess there were a couple shots from different angles here, but is that enough to make this ‘groundbreaking’? What Kanye did on SNL was much more interesting and better-done, as far as I’m concerned.

    • The reason this is so amazing, is that this is all a single take… All the events that happen in the video were scripted and choreographed ahead of time to happen perfectly, they also had to lip-sync and instrument-sync since they used the studio track… Not to mention there was no editing involved, so what they shot is what we saw…

      • Once again, that’s different from a live performance how?

        • It’s not massively different as a whole. Essentially its a lip-synced show, shot with three to five different cameras, choreographed before hand, and recorded live.

          It’s a great concept and a wonderful example of drawing attention to their new album virally. Hopefully people will notice this and become fans of Death Cab because they are a damn good band.

          It’s strange to think that it’s not been done before…

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