17 years ago, to the day. Some choice performances, and some words from Krist, for your remembrances.

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  1. Nirvana’s Unplugged is one of the best live albums; so personal and raw.

  2. He was the guy in Radiohead right?

  3. You missed a highly important musical piece of Nirvana history:


  4. Wait, he died???

  5. that first love buzz video never gets old

  6. way out in Seattle
    young Kurt Cobain
    snuck out into the garden
    put a bullet in his brain
    snakes in the grass beneath our feet
    rain in the clouds above
    some moments last forever
    and some flare out with love.

    I like Nirvana. Sometimes I wish that I liked a current band as much as I liked Nirvana in 1994, but oh well. So it goes.

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