Arctic Monkeys 2011

Last month you heard “Brick By Brick,” an Arctic Monkeys track that carried a lot of speculation. Things are clearer here: “Don’t Sit Down ’Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair”’s the first single from the band’s forthcoming fourth full-length Suck It And See. It’s brooding, dusty, mature, and may help you understand why they drove around in a convertible for their Suck It promo photo. Listen:

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“Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair” will be released as a single 5/30 via Domino as both a 7″ b/w “I.D.S.T.” and 10″ b/w “The Blond-O-Sonic Shimmer Trap” and “I.D.S.T.” Details here. You can pre-order via the band. The album’s out 6/7 via the same label. They’re touring the States before that, starting 5/17.

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  1. Couldn’t possibly be an Eat ‘Em And Smile reference, right?

  2. This is pretty great. I read recently that they recorded in the same studio where NIrvana recorded Nevermind to try to get the same drum sound. Just the fact that they were using Nirvana as a reference point should bode well for the album.

  3. I love this. So much. Why can’t this come out sooner???

  4. Their “Songs For The Deaf”? (That’s a good thing)

  5. This is heavy stuff! I’m definitely glad that this is the single instead of “Brick by Brick”

  6. This is great. I definitely hear the Nirvana influence. The song instrumentally reminds me of a mix between “Come as You Are” and one of the heavier tracks on In Utero. Brilliant lyrics too.

  7. since they didn’t know what they wanted to be with their first two records, if they want to be stoner rock, that’s fine with me – great song

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  9. Not bad at all. Should be a grower, like “Brick By Brick” (still think that’s a cool track).

    • haha. i love the idea that at least one person down voted you for that, a comment which, for all intents and purposes, was rather tame and innocuous. some people, i tell ya….

  10. the album cover is going to be blank, and come with a straw. when you use the straw to suck on the cover the album art will reveal itself, hence the title

  11. cool video too!

  12. So not digging this song.

  13. This just raised my hopes for “Suck it and See.”

  14. i liked it and remixed it check my demo on my soundcloud:

  15. they should have changed their name after “Favorite Worst Nightmare”. Not that this is terrible, but this is not the fast, badass arctic monkeys i know.

  16. This makes their first two cd’s look like horse shit. I’m loving it.

  17. not good at all, lady where is your yorkshire gone?

  18. always a lot of love

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