After fine, thoughtful covers of Depeche Mode and Sunny Day Real Estate, it’s getting hard to remember what Division Day’s own songs sound like. Well, let’s wait a bit longer to refresh our memories and instead sink some teeth into this pretty redo of Roxy Music’s “More Than This.”


Turns out they do Ferry almost as good as Bill Murray, though not as suave or glammy as Ferry himself. Still, it’s a pretty, levelheaded wisp, and another fine remake in honor of the release of the L.A. quartet’s expanded Beartrap Island.

Bonus: getting us all nostalgic for Spring ’95, DD do Sponge:

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  1. Jeff  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2007 0

    Because I’m a stickler for detail…

    It’s BrYan Ferry.

  2. benj  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2007 0

    aw, can’t anyone cover any Roxy Music songs besides ‘more than this’???

  3. drewo  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2007 0

    ^^^^^ agree with benj. C’mon kids, check out the first 2 or 3 Roxy albums, lots o’ great stuff there.

  4. @ Jeff

    Oops, thanks Jeff. Tag’s fixed.

  5. They did Sponge’s “Plowed” too! Perhaps a more intriguing choice. Link & justification:

    In a press release, the band says:

    ?Everyone remembers this song- maybe not the name, or the band that bestowed it upon us, but a recited line or two will bring a gleam of nostalgic recognition to the eye of the skinny-jeansed-est hipster you know. It’s a dumb song by a thoroughly forgotten band, but somehow we killed thirty-plus van minutes in Texas coaxing from our memories the whole thing, from start to finish, and then dropped several quarters (later that night, at the Doublewide in Dallas) for the pleasure of reminiscing to the selfsame song on the jukebox as we downed pints of Lonestar.

    When we started making covers, this song (somehow?) got nominated for consideration, and the notion was sort of too preposterous to deny. In taking on the task of attempting a compellingly indigestible rendition of a wholly in-credible track, I learned that ‘Plowed’ stays buried in our brains for good reason; the melody is elegant and ominous, the guitar refrain undeniably propulsive, and the lyrics occasionally become profound. “To see wide open with a head that’s broken” became a directive of sorts for this project (which was executed quite feverishly in two days); I like to think of Division Day’s cover as the “Broken Head” version of Sponge’s anti-classic anthem to regret and emotional atrophy.?

  6. Dw Dunphy  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2007 0

    Benj nailed the sentiments. As soon as I read that they were covering “More Than This” I cringed. I know that many are intimidated by the arch art-punk of the early stuff, but even “Avalon” (from which “More Than This” comes) has other do-able tunes like “Take A Chance With Me” or “True To Life”.

    Or is that so difficult?

  7. Well, I liked 10,000 Maniacs cover of “More then This” much better.

    Why doesn’t someone cover “Mother of Pearl”????

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