Friday night was an evening of cancellations, mix ups, and superfluous cab trips, but our early evening aggravation melted with a solo set from Aloha’s Cale Parks, offering a more ambient, electro-grooved take on the one-man/live-percussion thing (see also: Liam Finn), reading from his Illuminated Manuscript. Tom-and-cymbal freak outs followed sample triggers and knob tweaks, vocal melodies came after building synth figures, and for the time we were up front, Cale soothed and saved us from our high anxiety/beginning burnout. After a short break: a totally debauched set from Stereofave the Narrator, boozed beyond belief, sloppy, stumbling, totally owning. The crowd seemed in on it from the start, equally sloshed and worshipping every slapdash percussive smash, every stray squeal of overdriven guitar, and every slamming track from the awesome All That To The Wall. No “Try Not To Breathe“; maybe next time. Jump for pics and MP3s.



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