The Antlers - Burst Apart

Down at SXSW the Antlers showcased Peter Silberman’s soaring, fortified falsetto over a new batch of songs that stepped away from Hospice’s hospital beds while remaining primed for high-end cablevision dramatics. Those songs appear on Burst Apart, the band’s second full-length out 5/10 via Frenchkiss. So far they’ve previewed the musty OK Computer production of “Parentheses,” along with the @The_National-premiered “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out” — until today, when the entire set is streaming at NPR.

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  1. I listened to this five times in a row last night while pulling an all-nighter, and although it’s not as memorable and obviously not as emotional as Hospice, it’s really good. I’d say it’s on par with In the Attic of the Universe, which I really like.

  2. Their songs are always better when in the context of the album. This is great.

  3. There Will Be Backlash

  4. really impressed with this

  5. I never really gave Hospice much attention, but Burst Apart sounds really, really good. I think I just had one of those moments where a record just “clicks,” you know?

  6. Everyone seems to think Hospice was their debut. It was actually their third album.

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