The Antlers Burst Apart

Hospice, the Antlers’ breakthrough album, was a lot like the ghost that lived in its songs: beautiful, frightening, a little bit stifling. You can’t fault the band for abandoning that heaviness this time around — it must have been twice as devastating to record as it was to listen to. So, yes, Burst Apart lacks the cohesiveness and clean, heartbreaking narrative of their first album, but in shaking off all that weight, they’ve found new energy. Take, for instance, the bounce to “French Exit,” or the shimmering guitar on “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out.” The band’s just as moody as ever, Peter Silberman’s falsetto, just as affecting. But the anguish that sharpened the lyrics is gone, and there’s something ecstatic about his high notes. It’s funny to say that about songs called “I Don’t Want Love” or “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out,” and to be sure, even without lyrics “Tiptoe” is as haunting as anything on Hospice. The first person’s important here — a lot of Hospice’s drag came from the narrator’s overwhelming guilt. It’s nice to see him concentrating on himself, in the same way it’s nice to see someone eating again after they’ve been sick. Or perhaps that guilt’s just transferred itself. That dream where your teeth fall out? Freud says it can represent shame over masturbation. Once again, it’s nice to see the narrator concentrating on himself.



Burst Apart is out 5/10 via Frenchkiss. You can stream the whole thing.

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  1. Hospice isn’t their debut, it’s actually their third.

  2. The PE’s are getting weaker and weaker.

  3. preferred them when they were longer…

  4. is this PE about anything at all?

  5. Another vote for the old format, hard to say much in 10 sentences. Old format made for an exciting read.

  6. Very, very good album, they’re much stronger vocally in my opinion.

  7. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Apr 27th, 2011 0

    yeah, this PE is pretty brutal, as they always are. why even bother?

  8. +1 for the useless of the new PE format. I don’t even know why I bother viewing these anymore, I guess to view the star rating? Please bring back the old long-style format or don’t bother doing reviews at all. You’re not limited to a paragraph like a print magazine.

    As far as the Antlers album, I liked the NPR stream quite a bit. Will def. be buying this when it comes out.

  9. oh my god, can everyone please stop bitching about absolutely EVERYTHING stereogum does!? holy shit. i see this stuff in almost every thread now.

    what is the point of telling the writers that they suck?
    would you rather them not write anything at all?
    what is the point of complaining about some new section/format they want to experiment with?
    it sounds like you all should just start your own music blogs…

    really, am i missing something here? are we all entitled to and deserving of a perfect music blog (for absolutely no reason), and anything less than perfection is not worth tolerating?

    (i’m sorry stereogum, you have the shittiest readers ever. i, however, appreciate what you do here and i’m glad you continue to do it despite what all these assholes say)

  10. the point of complaining, quite obviously, is so that they improve. the pe’s have been lacking as of recent, I hope they switch back to the older format.

    It doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to bother others. However, if they’re they’re going to put out half-assed writeups like this i’d rather they just put up a quick article stating that npr has the album available to stream.

  11. omg im sooo high!

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