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We All Want Someone To Shout For points to a yo-yo tricks video on YouTube that is soundtracked by “Tron Cat,” a new Tyler, The Creator song that apparently leaked yesterday. The track will appear on the Odd Future frontman’s highly anticipated XL debut Goblin and you can hear it below.

YouTube’s been taken down. Try this:

Goblin is out 5/10. Here are some promo clips starring Tyler’s alter ego Thurnis Haley.

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  1. This is probably the greatest thing I have heard in a LONG time.

  2. yo-yo’s gotta be the weirdest hobby that anyone takes seriously …but this is pretty cool.

  3. Yo! Yo-yo, yo

  4. Funny that the song leaked on a yo-yo video the day the performed at the Yo-Yo.

  5. Now that’s one way to get more views on your Yo-yo video.

  6. Never thought you could make yo-yo’ing this cool. Tyler’s a boss.

  7. hate this kid

  8. Isn’t this just Yonkers again? So far I find Tyler the least interesting member of Odd Future. I don’t think I could make it through a whole album of this shit.

    • While I wouldn’t go so far as to say Tyler’s the least interesting member of Odd Future, I kind of get what you’re saying. I totally love Yonkers, and this track’s good too, but it would be a bummer if the whole album is this type of thing.

  9. i mean, really? this is cool music? when did music take this turn? you realize that what he’s saying, whether or not it’s genuine feeling, is misogyny/homophobia/misanthropy. but whatever, i like the beat.

    • Let me paraphrase W.C. Fields to try to summarize the Odd Future mentality: “I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally.”

      Tyler’s grumpiness and sadism is no more genuine than that of any other attention-deficient young man but if rhyming ‘Columbine’ with ‘Adventure Time’ is any indication, he is a tongue-in-cheek showman who can appeal to wider audience because of his ambiguous character. Would you have something against Carroll’o'Connor for playing a bigot on television?

      And music had taken “this turn” around the time that you were probably born and even then, there are plenty of dull-ass middlebrow artists that Stereogum spotlights elsewhere who might be able to pamper to your needs.

    • Get over yourself. There is more to the music than the offensive lyrics.

      • Excuse me for being a positive person filled with optimism.

        p.s. Chinatown is overrated; get over yourself. Lol.

        • I agree with you, David. And the beat is just not very interesting.

        • That’s cool. Enjoy covering your ears/eyes all the time and screaming “That’s offensive!”. Being pious must be radical…

          • Dude. There is no need to say fa@@ot as a lyric. I find it offensive sorry for letting words get to me. I’m radical btw

          • I enjoy listening to Tyler and we all know he is a genius, but when are we supposed to be offended? Being radical isn’t really radical anymore. And maybe that’s the point. But to justify everything by saying, “Oh, this is fiction, I’m just a character in a play I wrote” is kind of a cop out. Nonetheless, this is art and free speech, but so is the Westboro Baptist Church waving “God Hates Fags” signs. Tyler could do that and we would all laugh, because we know he would be joking. But that’s only because he says he’s joking…sooo, should we rock out to the pregnant-girl-threesome lyrics and just forget the image of disgust it brings us? I mean, are we really supposed to laugh at absolutely everything and be cool with that? Am I a Philistine?

            Dude, being pious is considered radical.

  10. Damn, it’s too bad I missed.

  11. Gimme an M, gimme an E, gimme an H…all together now. I can’t wait for this shit to completely play itself out.

  12. Crap. He needs to get over himself and move onto rapping about something meaningful. Just reminds me of Insane Clown Posse. Blah blah, faggot this faggot that, rape pregnant bitches, blah blah.. Fuck that noise. If he had any real life experience, he wouldn’t rap about all this juvenile angst bullshit. Music for little boys. Grow the fuck up.

    • Isn’t that the whole point, he’s a 17 year old KID he’s rapping about the shit that gets said in locker rooms and when you’re reading comic books and drinking beer for the first time. These kids are the most exciting thing I’ve heard in a long time, and yeah, if they’re still rapping about this stuff in 10 years it would be lame, I doubt they will be. I’m excited.

      • dude….I actually like odd future, but that’s just stupid and/or really fucked up. I know when I drank my first beer or read my first comic book, i didn’t start thinking about raping pregnant women and eating people.the problem is that he uses super intense/horrorcore lyrics precisely because they signify SHOCKING, which is fine, and that stuff can still be funny or whatever, but frankly, there’s no way this is not gonna wear thin soon. again, I really like odd future! but really, there’s no depth to this song. also he’s not 17 anymore he’s like 20 so there goes that.

    • dude you grow the fuck up… he isnt even old enough to drink…the kid is a child at heart and he loves it. he doesnt care what people think about him music is what he does for himself. i think your just jelous this kid is having a fucking awesome time during his youth while you were just getting raped by your dad.. study up before you drop a bomb like that…and he uses vulgar lyrics to show how he feels hes not just rapping about raping a girl its to show how he feels..if you were a fucking pregnant teenager getting raped id assume youd feel pretty shitty seeing as you got knocked up and now your getting raped thats the level of pain he feels or the lyrics mean something along those lines….get over your self

  13. There is a place for extreme, aggressive lyrics in rap, I don’t know why you have to compare this to ICP. His style is raw and coming from the DIY metal/hardcore side of music, it makes him that much more interesting to listen to. It doesn’t have to be “meaningful” it’s just a creative vent for him and some people find vulgar, angry shit funny.

    • exactly…..we see countless 40 year old men wearing cheesy make-up and growling about satan on a daily basis… for shock appeal……but I wouldn’t expect to hear complaints that Watain need to grow-up.

      Get rid of juvenile angst in music and see what’s left…..

  14. all i know is im going to blast this shit and get pumped before a game…

  15. Maybe I’m seeing something that isn’t there, but based on the interviews I’ve seen dudes from Odd Future give, I think they’re smarter than “17 year-olds rapping about what’s said in the locker rooms.” Odd Future, by their own admission, is a collective of musicians, visual artists, and other artistic endeavors, which leads me to believe some of this is an act. They’re completely conscious of the image they’re putting out there. So they’re basically parodying the public image of rap music as this dumb, violent form of entertainment while at the same time deconstructing the rampant homophobia, misogyny, and violence that does legitimately exist in it (though, that could be extended to other forms of music like metal and certain strains of hardcore), and they’re doing it by taking all of those elements to their logical conclusions. Rap is seen as violent in the media because some artists reference murder in their lyrics…but how many go as far as rape and mutilation? I’m not saying they’re Spinal Tap or Weird Al. They’re too smart to do straight parody. It’s like, they’re saying, “This is how you see us, so we’re going to fuck with that image by pretending we’re even worse.”

    • The problem is that teenagers don’t see it that way.

      • sure we do, and the only teenagers who know about OF at the moment, at least in the uk, read about the on the net, and most are aware that there is something smart behind the shock tactics

        • I think this is true. We’re talking about Odd Future like they’re big mainstream stars. Are they mainstream? Yeah, but in the same way Arrested Development was mainstream — they have a pretty big cult fanbase, but most (normal) people don’t know who they are. And the people that do know who they are, are in on the act. I don’t think anyone is thinking Tyler really rapes women or whatever gimmick they’re pulling out. It’s a way to shock a desensitized audience.

  16. @rsvka, I completely agree, my original comment wasn’t as well thought out as I would have liked but brought on by immediately wanting to defend these guys. They’re making rap controversial again in only a way that kids who grew up on SAW movies, eminem, and NWA could. The main point for me is the music is amazing and I get so excited when they release anything, from the Fallon performance to the leaks of Tyler’s album I’m stoked. At the end of this interview Tyler talks about exactly what I was saying..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OoZNENl0Cg&feature=related

  17. He needs to stick to making songs like Wheels, Bastard, and Inglorious. When he actually gets serious and drops the whole “rape is k00l! r4ndumb!!! xD” shtick, he really shines.

  18. I just listened to Goblin and I have to say, more than any of the hardcore lyrics or whatnot, what really sticks out about the album is that the music is just out of control weird. Also, he has this low-voiced voiceover thing that he verbally wrestles with throughout the album which is a pretty neat, albeit insane touch.

  19. Best song I’ve heard on stereogum in years more stuff like this instead of the daily hipster garbage

  20. i thought the album was gonna really kill based on yonkers, sandwitches, and tron cat- but honestly those are the best tracks on the cd- the deep “therapist” voice thing is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdone and theres just alot of bridges with hypey yelling or talking that fucks the whole flow of the album up- yes its “odd” and the live show that goes with it makes it pretty great but as an XL Recordings release- Goblin lacks hard- i expected something more serious- i know one of the main wolf gang gimmicks is being goofy and what not but as far as grammy nominations based on the music… maybe

  21. also… lines like “when yonkers dropped…” what was that, 3-4 monthes ago? i get the vibe the album wasn’t worked on long enough or thoroughly- i think odd future are hip-hop gems for sure but maybe the hype is too much and corrupted some of tylers verses a bit- syked for what hodgey and left brain do next tho for sure…

  22. Can’t wait for the album to drop. So hot. Check out this post on Odd Future: http://wp.me/s1tPVK-ofwgkta

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