National Bromance

Last week video surfaced of passionate (ostensibly ecstasy-friendly) National fans dry humping to “Bloodbuzz Ohio” at Coachella. The moment was captured by Eric Wareheim, who eventually turns the camera on himself for a “look at these guys” cameo. He should be proud: It’s the best Ron Artest-related music clip I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Did the guy who filmed this get his ass kicked afterward? Honestly, I was expecting much worse. Except for their ridiculous costumes, these guys were just high and having fun. Film guy is just mad b/c he looks like J Mascis.

    • Yeah. God forbid somebody has some fun at a concert and lose themselves a bit in the music. Yeah, they look silly, but what’s wrong with looking silly? I guess we all just have to look at everything with ironic detachment, and knowingly smirk at each other while shaking our heads. That’s an awesome existence.

      • Haha. You guys are being too sensitive. Clearly this video’s only funny because of that brief cameo at the end (the look on Eric’s face is priceless!). You can see he’s clearly joining in as well (notice his arm holding the guy up when he starts to crowdsurf). He’s a National fan, too, obviously if he’s there watching. Honestly, those guys singing that loudly right in front of me at a concert might annoy the heck out of me but at least Eric has a sense of humour.

      • yeah, Eric is just the best.

  2. We’ve all been there, I’m sure Eric was just surprised it was happening right in front of him, and being a director of comedic things, he documented the moment and gave it to us. You can see his arm help that guy crowd surf.

    And nobody is going to kick Eric Wareheim’s ass, he’s 6’8″ (ish)

  3. I love that feeling they’re feeling.

    It’s lovely when music makes people like that.

  4. who sold those bros hipster costumes?

    • and what gives that guy the right to judge anybody else in that crowd? Maybe he was the first person to wear his bill flipped up with thick-framed glasses. AND why does every fat hipster have to have big sideburns?

  5. I love having as much fun as those guys are. And I really didn’t pick up on any dry-humping. You got me all excited, Stereogum!

    • Sorry, I was thinking of a “humping the world” sorta joy.

      • Haha, gotcha!

        Suggestion for festival-goers: Bring a hookah! I did that at a festival in Albany, NY last spring and it was *awesome*. It made the whole thing an even more jubilant, social experience.

        And then it started pouring out in the middle of a beautiful sunny day and everyone started rocking out in the mud. Good times.

        Yes, so make sure to put that on your checklist: 1) Beer; 2) Hookah; 3) Rain.

    • Yeah, I kept waiting for it to get hilariously homoerotic. But then it ended, and all I’d seen was two fans acting a little goofy singing along to a song they liked. I feel misled.

  6. MUSIC PEOPLE: Please bring some awesome festivals like this to Boston, MA!!! This city is sorely lacking for that sort of thing!

  7. As much as I want to hate on these dudes…and the National, I just can’t. I know that I would be acting the same way if I was fucked up like that. Instead of rolling my eyes throwing shade on them, I am going to give them a thumbs up, so in the future if I am a wreck somewhere being overly emotional to music I enjoy, someone will do the same for me. Pay it Forward.

  8. This made me smile.

  9. this video has been removed…why the fuck did that happen?

  10. fuck eat skull

  11. The National are terrible.

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