Camp Bisco

UPenn jam band stalwarts Disco Biscuits are coming on their 10th installment of Camp Bisco, the annual music festival they curate in Albany, NY. It’s three days and three nights (July 8th to 10th), and along with featuring the sort of bands you’d expect a former Phish cover band to book, the Disco Biscuits continue their increasing lean into the independent music space. Camp Bisco’s booked Cut Copy, Death From Above 1979 (and MSTRKRFT), Ratatat, Yeasayer, Four Tet, Neon Indian, Das Racist, Tobacco, a Holy Ghost DJ set, the Hood Internet, SBTRKT, and Run DMT. In addition, there are specially curated tents from Mad Decent, Damon Dash, and DFA. While there’s no mention of Diplo in the materials, there is, more interestingly, a promise of a DJ set from James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, two guys you remember from that time when LCD Soundsystem retired.

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  1. “the Disco Biscuits continue their increasing lean into the independent music space”

    I think I know what you meant…but most of the bands in the jam scene and those who have been booked for Bisco in the past (or booked for similar jam-centric festivals) are and have been “independent music.” For example, Phish’s first 4 releases were indie, 2 were re-released when they eventually got signed to Elektra. Independent music is not synonymous with indie music that you happened to be aware of or like.

  2. Independent music in this context is not synonymous with “independent label,” and it is one that does not include jam bands. This is a long and semantic discussion but you were right when you said that you know what I meant in the first place. (BTW the distinction I’m drawing between independent music and the jam band scene is not necessarily pejorative to either side, but it is a valid distinction.)

    • what is this context, amrit? how do you define jam bands? is a band that improvises (which is essentially what jamming is) automatically considered a jam band? or do they have to sound like phish to be a jam band? please explain…because at this point, your side of the discussion doesn’t really point out any valid distinction.
      it’s safe to say that when people use the phrase “indie rock” or maybe even the word “indie”, it brings to mind a certain group of sounds, aesthetics, genres, etc…but “independent music” is independent music; music put out by a group or artist that represents themselves or is represented by an indepedant label.

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