Mew Are Back, Go Full Fiona Apple With This New Album Title

The rare instance of an LP title that requires a blockquote:

No more stories
Are told today
I’m sorry
They washed away

No more stories
The world is grey
I’m tired
Let’s wash away

You can go ahead and abbreviate it No More Stories… ala When The Pawn… if you want, although that might get messy when the Danish post-rockers release No More Stories (no ellipsis), the album-preceding EP featuring two LP tracks and three b-sides. So you should probably just recite that poem whenever talking about the album version. The And The Glass Handed Kites followup was recorded in Brooklyn and is due 8/25 on Columbia. If the poem/title isn’t enough of a headspin, enjoy this tracklist for which song names have attending images:

01 “New Terrain”
02 “Introducing Palace Players”
03 “Beach”
04 “Repeater Beater”

05 “Silas The Magic Car”
06 “Cartoons and Macramé Wounds”
07 “A Dream”
08 “Hawaii”
09 “Vaccine”
10 “Tricks Of The Trade”

11 “Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy”
12 “Reprise”

And the No More Stories EP tracklist:
01 “Introducing Palace Players”
02 “Repeater Beater”
03 “Owl” (B-side)
04 “Start” (B-side)
05 “Swimmers Chant” (B-side)

No More Stories… is out 8/25, preceded by No More Stories which is out 7/25. So far the band’s only US date is at the Pitchfork Music Festival on July 19th, although there are a few weeks before they turn up again (in Japan), so some American gap-fillers are possible. Here’s the current itinerary, including a few opening for Nine Inch Nails:

06/29 – Dusseldorf @ Phillipshalle*
06/30 – Berlin, Germany @ Berlin Arena*
07/02 – Denmark (Roskilde Festival)
07/04 – Finland (Ruisrock Festival)
07/07 – Paris, France @ Zenih De Paris*
07/08 – Amsterdamn, Netherlands @ Heinekin Music Hall*
07/09 – Luxembourg @ Rockhal*
07/15 – London, UK @ O2 Arena*
07/17 – UK (Latitude Festival)
07/19 – Chicago, IL (Pitchfork Featival)
08/07 – Tokyo, Japan (Summer Sonic)
08/08 – Osaka, Japan (Summer Sonic)
08/14 – Copenhagen, Denmark (Beatday 09)
* w/Nine Inch Nails

Apparently the live show will incorporate all sorts of animated imagery, which you can sample via some diary entries at MewSpace.

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