My Morning Jacket - "Victory Dance"

“Victory Dance” doesn’t have an intriguingly grim title like “Holdin On To Black Metal,” but of all of Circuital’s “epic, slow-building jams” we’ve heard so far, it’s the darkest and most unhinged.

Circuital is out 5/31 via ATO. Also, timed perfectly, Todd Haynes is directing a live-stream of My Morning Jacket’s 5/31 show in Louisville for American Express’s “Unstaged” series.

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  1. Oh, wow. Now I’M REALLY looking forward to Circuital. Hope all of it sounds as dark as this.

  2. I liked Holding on…. but this one is just boooooooooring! Lost my patience after a minute. Sorry but I don’t get the hype.

  3. Some people don’t, Martin. If you haven’t seen them live, then you are missing out. There is a reason that they are called the greatest live act of their generation and America’s Radiohead. You see, some of us can picture how this will play at Red Rocks in August. If only diehards go to the shows, then all the better for us in attendance. That’s a big part of why the shows are so great. Still, I would suggest this. On some night this summer, download some MMJ –maybe the Z album — and take a drive down a country road. If that doesn’t get you, then maybe they are not for you.

  4. I do like this, but don’t think it’s up there with their best (although it does end with their famous “fast & loud”) – playing it safe for track number one on Circuital? Hope they go much, much darker! Music is far cheaper than therapy… Zoinks!

  5. Man this is good. Really good.

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