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In 2007 I wrote a brief, less-than-positive review of Hella’s There’s No 666 In Outer Space, the record where the Sacramento noise-rock duo expanded to a quintet and started sounding like a rootsy Mars Volta. It appeared in SPIN. The guys gamely turned the pith into a t-shirt. My issue with There’s No 666 was (what I saw as) the aimlessness created by those extra members — i.e. the shift didn’t seem necessary. So then, four years later, it’s great to be able to announce that Hella have a new album on the horizon that finds the core of guitarist Spencer Seim and drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill back as a streamlined, well-oiled twosome. As of today the 10-song album has no title. Ditto this song. But you can still listen to it just fine. And it shreds.

Hella’s asking fans to create a video to go with the song. Once you do, post it to YouTube and/or the band’s Facebook page. The goal is to find “the most amazing, insane, awesome videos possible.”

Look for the album at the end of July or first week in August via Sargent House.

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  1. this is great!

  2. Is the site formatting suddenly totally out of whack for anybody else?

    Tight track though.

  3. Goddamn, this is tasty. Now if only Nathan Williams would release the rest of Babes, I could die peacefully

  4. LOL Brandon, you’ve got a lot of balls standing by that ignorant review of No 666.

  5. ddogdunit  |   Posted on May 5th, 2011 0


    ESPECIALLY because he “defends” his review with the meaningless statement that fills all of the PE’s as well:

    “My issue with There’s No 666 was (what I saw as) the aimlessness created by those extra members — i.e. the shift didn’t seem necessary”

  6. Those extra members were anything but unnecessary. I can’t understand how anyone could think that the bass and second guitar were a bad idea. And the singer? Aaron Ross has a beautiful voice and the lyrics he and Zach wrote were the most poignant words I’ve ever heard on a rock album. You need to listen to that album a few more times. Really listen.

    • Apparently doing something different and that the writer didn’t enjoy is somehow considered “unnecessary.” How does that even make sense? 666 wasn’t my favorite Hella record either but it’s still kickass and it’s still Hella at the core.

  7. I find it a tad infuriating that you seem to hold two opposing opinions of this duo. “They didn’t need extra members” vs. “They were becoming stagnant and uncompelling.” Whatever. This track is awesome.

  8. @smiles

    haha. I’m really surprised he even mentioned the infamous Spin review. Did he think they would forget that he called them “the least compelling twosome on the techy, noise-rock totem poll [sic]” ?

    Lotta balls.

  9. I think you’re getting a bit too angry about something that, at this point, is all pretty ridiculous/humorous/etc. Mick Barr, who’s good pals with Hella, and a friend of mine, gave me one of those shirts as a joke — it was a “ha ha ha” moment. The first time I met another friend she said, “hey, you’re the guy who did that review of my friend’s boyfriend’s band.” And that was that. I’ve run into Zach here and there and… no hard feelings. They never took the review as seriously as you’re taking it. They had fun with it. Re-purposed it. The point of including it above is, hey, they returned to being a duo, and with more fire than I’ve heard from them in a long, long time. It’s a great track. Maybe one of my favorite. For me to write about their decision to play again as a twosome WITHOUT mentioning the SPIN review would be dishonest and lame of me … the elephant in the room. I respect honesty and accountability in writing… too many folks writing in a dishonest vacuum these days.

  10. Hey I’m just stickin’ up for my favorite album. Your review was nauseating.

  11. It seems Hella and ICP share some fans, or at least that’s what it seems, judging from these juggalo type comments. Anyway, nice to hear Hella once again with their engines running.

  12. This is easily one of their best tracks! So glad to hear this and I completely agree with you’re review of 666, I HATED that album. Sorry kids.

  13. This track is excellent. No 666 is excellent. Hella, Hella, Hella!

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