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This week we’ve got new videos from Buraka Som Sistema, Herman Düne, Lady Gaga, The Cave Singers, and Rusko. I put the Buraka Som Sistema and Rusko videos next to each other because I think they’re shot and edited differently, but they’re great examples of entering and filming an impoverished culture without exploiting them. Both definitions of “impoverished” seem to apply too — the Salton Sea’s been destroyed by industrial pollution, Angola’s farmland was destroyed by war (and it remains littered with landmines).

Herman Düne – “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” (Dir. Toben Seymour)

Mad Men’s Jon Hamm puts in an understated performance in this sweet video about a lost puppet creature — in fact, the scene before the music comes in is the best part of the video. If you were at SXSW this year wondering why Don Draper was hanging out, this is it: Hamm shot the video for Funny Or Die while visiting his old college hometown, Austin. You can read more about it in this interview for Interview.

Rusko – “Everyday” (Dir. Jason Miller)

A few weeks back I Tweeted about a Tribeca Film Festival documentary about the residents of Bombay Beach, a town on the Salton Sea (directed by Beirut associate Alma Har’el). This video wonderfully photographs other residents of Salton Sea towns, as well as the bizarre natural and unnatural features of the region (homemade religious monuments, abandoned expanses of concrete, piles of rotting fish, etc).

Buraka Som Sistema – “Hangover (BaBaBa)” (Dir. João Pedro Moreira & Carlos Afonso)

Portugal-based Buraka Som Sistema filmed this video in Município de Rangel in Luanda, Angola. Angola’s a former Portuguese colony. The video uses a pretty common technique, reversing the video for tiny, beat-matching cuts. It’s effective.

Lady Gaga – “Judas” (Dir. Lady Gaga & Laurieann Gibson)

Not her best video, but once again I’m impressed with costuming and ambition here, and I love the mix of biker/Catholic imagery. Sadly, like her video for “Alejandro,” it’s not nearly as shocking as it could be. Co-director Laurieann Gibson has choreographed nearly every Lady Gaga video, from “Just Dance” to “Born This Way,” and she was the inspiration behind the Jessica Alba movie “Honey.”

Honorable Mention:

Ace Hood – “Hustle Hard” (Dir. Gil Green)

(via Antville)

Fair Ohs – “Everything Is Dancing” (Dir. Dave Ma)

(via Promo News)

The Cave Singers – “Black Leaf” (Dir. Sam Macon)

Lethal Bizzle – “Mind Spinning” (Dir. Carly Cussen)

(via Promo News)

NSFW Video Of The Week:

i.Hunter – “Epitaph” (Dir. Chino Moya)

Watch at HSI London.
iHunter - "Epitaph" Video

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  1. I wasn’t disappointed with any lack of shock value in Gaga’s “Judas” video. I think the song has enough of that on its own. The bikers as desciples concept is brilliant.

    • I agree. I think this is her best video since “Telephone.” SO much better than “Born This Way” and “Alejandro,” both of which I found rather boring.

    • I also agree about the “shock factor” aspect. It annoys me how everyone tries to make Lady Gaga out to be “shocking” and “controversial”–as if, if she doesn’t manage to be either, she’s failing as an artist.

      Yes she wears outlandish outfits and does weird things, but I think it’s because she enjoys designing and wearing outlandish outfits and doing weird things. It doesn’t have to be shocking or “natural” for it to be worthwhile. She puts a lot of effort into her outfits because well, she just enjoys weird outfits, like Kanye enjoys Prada and Versace and drops hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on those clothes.

  2. I know this page is more about the videos than the tunes but (the passable i.Hunter track aside) what a horrible/boring group of songs.

  3. Boring explains the list most weeks. It should be a monthly list instead of having the pressure of putting out ten or so “good” videos every week. That way by the time you get around to putting out the ‘best videos’ list, it actually contains good videos.

  4. I think if you watch it, you see that the Buraka video was, in fact, shot at the Festival Baía das Gatas in São Vicente, one of the northern islands of Cape Verde.

  5. Nice videos. Like it very much. Thanks for sharing it.

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