Death Cab For Cutie - Codes And Keys

A very polite and gentle DCFC song (with subtle snatches of strings) from their forthcoming LP Codes & Keys has been released to the internet today, featuring a hook lyric about the interpersonal-bonding power of the shade of a sycamore tree. It’s like a Goblin b-side, basically. Chase that with the new video for “Home Is A Fire,” with lots of lettered street art/pastings and a video concept credited to Shepard Fairey and band bassist Nick Harmer.

Death Cab for Cutie – Underneath The Sycamore by ATL REC

And the video:

Codes And Keys is out 5/31.

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  1. Underneath the Sycamore is amazing.

  2. this album really is gonna be good – Death Cab are the kings of summer melancholy. great for sunsets etc

  3. wow this is the most beautiful song ever. it reminds me of 7 individual words: Love, Hate, Desire, Boners, Fear, Self-Loathing, Grizzly. DeathCab you are so inspiring, never change.

  4. how come when i click a link, it usually gives me an error message?

  5. gosh this is so so good!!

  6. Really guys? I find this pretty generic… The drums are as basic as they come, the rest is pretty repetitive, lyrics unforgettable. Dont get me wrong, I love Death Cab and this song is better then 90% of pop music these days. You can just tell DCFC is aiming for the radio charts, they used to be so much more ground breaking. They used to take risks. Still optimistic on the album however.

  7. Ben Gibbard’s voice has been getting intentionally wobblier over the past few years. It sounds like he’s doing his best Ben Gibbard impression.

  8. I’m surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response here. It’s not a bad song at all, but it’s not “amazing,” by any means. Seems like they are continuing on their late-career plateau.

    • It’s not a bad comment at all, but it’s not “amazing” by any means. JK

      Personally I’ve read enough negative comments for each of the other three pre-release singles. Nothing wrong with your opinion, it’s just saying ” Why no hate” seems a bit confusing, negativity is everywhere for this album because of the production heavy singles released. “I don’t want the labour pains, I just want the baby”. This quote sums up my view of any die hard INSERTBANDNAME fans, it’s a process. I mean just look at Adam’s comment above, he wants risky and groundbreaking, he calls this song generic, if that ain’t negative, especially for DCFC, then I don’t know what is. But if that’s your thing then get your pitch forks sharpened for may 24th, cause there’s another pre-release single to come, but I do hope people realize some members of society will actually like it.

  9. underneath the sycamore is kind of a ripoff of “all the wine” by the national.

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