No, Aziz didn’t tell it.

And so it was that 2.6 Nielsen-ratings-worth of 18-49-year-olds became at least as proficient at answering “Who Is Jeff Mangum?” as “Who Are The Beatles?

(Followup NMH joke around 9:35 for those wanting more Mangum humor; H/T NYT)

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  1. Only for US… This sucks!

  2. I feel like Parks and Rec shares a similar demographic to listeners of NMH.

  3. I got really excited when I was watching the show.

  4. Right around the start of the second season, Parks & Rec emerged as my favorite comedy. The cast is unbeatable.

    April and Andy’s relationship is one of the many reasons why it is more likable to me than so many other TV shows. Comparing their warped, yet sweet relationship to, say, Pam & Jim’s kind-of-smarmy relationship on the Office, really shows how interesting of an approach the writers are taking with this show.

    Everyone involved is obviously following the “Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.”

  5. whoa there, parks & rec. you just pimped out indie jesus. are you sure you understand nmh on a deep enough level to be able to name drop it like that? because AOTS is a holy album that only speaks to true music fans.

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