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Bon Iver’s first Bon Iver single is “Calgary,” the name of the Alberta city I’m (re)visiting on Thursday (and the birthplace of Tyler, The Creator critics Tegan & Sara). Guess it’s also this week’s unexpected soundtrack:

Bon Iver is out 6/21 via Jagjaguwar. “Calgary” is available as a download with pre-ordered copies (via Jagjaguwar mail order). The album’s available for iTunes pre-order starting tomorrow. Bon Iver, the guy, is appearing on Fallon 5/23.

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  1. Incredible song. I really love the subtle build to the second part of the song right around 2:30. I can’t wait to hear it in context, too.

  2. The album is actually titled Bon Iver, Bon Iver. That is, Bon Iver twice, separated by a coma.

    Bon Iver, Bon Iver, the new album by Bon Iver.

    • Are you sure? If that’s true, then why is it just “Bon Iver” on Amazon and Wikipedia? Where are you seeing that it’s “Bo, Iver, Bon Iver” by Bon Iver?

      • Sorry, I meant “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” by Bon Iver.

        • I went straight to the source. Check out the Jagjaguwar page

          And check out this tweet from Bon Iver’s official twitter account


          It’s clearly “Bon Iver, Bon Iver”. I find it funny that every single mayor publication (Stereogum, P4K, Spin, even NY Times) misread the press release and refer to it as ‘self-titled’. I mean, it’s an easy mistake to make, but why hasn’t anyone noticed it?

        • He’s getting it from Justin Vernon. From his Twitter on April 20th, “Name of the record is: “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” it makes sense for press release to call it self titled, and that’s not wrong. but #aboveistrue.”

          • Gotcha. Cool.

            “Calgary” is really incredible, in my opinion. I think I started really really liking it when I trekked over to to review people’s opinions of what the lyrics are. I think it’s probably the most obscure song he’s written, if you are excluding Volcano Choir. He most definitely comes up with the most interesting way to word everything he’s talking about, which kind of reminds me of Cormac McCarthy or something, where you put an adjective in front of noun that wouldn’t typically make sense, but makes sense in context. Which I love. And I totally knew he uses auto-tune all over For Emma, which I didn’t recognize until I heard Deyarmand Edison and solo Vernon stuff. His voice is most definitely more live-sounding on his earlier year records. And I guess I was thinking his voice is more auto-tuned on Calgary (which it really isn’t) than it appears on For Emma, but I guess that’s because the instrumentation in Calgary is a lot more “synthy” and Peter Gabriel-ish than it was on For Emma, which makes it sound even more produced-sounding.

            To add to the Cormac McCarthy lyrical comparison, I think more along the lines of what I was trying to describe is how both Vernon and McCarthy use nouns as adjectives, which adds a very interesting rhythmic swoon to the vocals. I think Vernon also uses a lot of assonance, which sounds like rhyming, but never Seussical (obviously).

  3. Ok. Great new song Bon Iver…. Too bad you never actually come to Calgary!!

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  5. Peter Gabriel much?

  6. Justin Vernon*

  7. I’m not sure what to think of it yet, but it certainly sounds like a grower.

  8. I really like it! I’m excited for their new album.

  9. Lyrics:
    don’t you cherish me to sleep
    never keep your eyelids clipped
    hold me for the pops and clicks
    I was only for the father’s crib

    hair, old, long along
    your neck onto your shoulder blades
    always keep that message taped
    cross your breasts you won’t erase
    I was only for your very space

    hip, under nothing
    propped up by your other one, face ‘way from the sun
    just have to keep a dialogue
    teach our bodies: haunt the cause
    I was only trying to spell a loss

    joy, it’s all founded
    pincher with the skin inside
    you pinned me with your black sphere eyes
    you know that all the rope’s untied
    I was only for to die beside

    so itʼs storming on the lake
    little waves our bodies break

    there’s a fire going out,
    but there’s really nothing to the south

    swollen orange and light let through
    your one piece swimmer stuck to you

    sold, I’m Ever
    open ears and open eyes
    wake up to your starboard bride
    who goes in and then stays inside
    oh the demons come, they can subside

  10. am I one of the only ones that finds this corny as fuck? So soft lite FM and not in a fun/interesting way.

  11. sounds like Toto

  12. I wish it sounded more Peter Gabriel-ish and a lot less Coldplay like.
    Only one listen, but………

    • yeah i agree.. all i’m hearing is coldplay here. such a shame

      • What were you expecting? Some “Monster” shit from him?

          • I’m just saying what was your expectation going into this? I mean, if you were thinking it would sound like a verse on a hip hop track, sure, this sounds like Coldplay in comparison.

            To me, it sounds like Bon iver using a keyboard and some additional layers. It’s quieter and cleaner. Not sure if that qualifies it as “Coldplay” like. (I actually enjoy Coldplay, for the record)

      • You don’t have to like the song, but let’s not make false comparisons. Coldplay has never produced anything that sounds even remotely like this.

        • You might want to broaden your horizons.

          I’m not dissing Coldplay (honestly) or Iver. These are not as far removed as you might think, especially the Eno touches here.

          There is a whole world of music out there that sounds a lot further away than the two….just sayin’.

          The full length, on first listen, sounds like it has a lot to offer by the way

          • You might want to check your ears if you hear Coldplay when you listen to Bon Iver. If this track has a couple vague similarities to Coldplay’s music, that’s a stretch to say it sounds like Coldplay.

            Are Grizzly Bear and LCD Soundsystem similar compared to… Converge? Yes, but it sure as hell doesn’t make them similar.

          • Yeah, I didn’t say I heard Coldplay when I listen to Bon Iver, my ears are fine, but thanks.

            I said I wish this SONG was a little less Coldplay LIKE. Then I made a comment about Coldplay and Bon Iver being closer in the musical stratosphere than not when dl09 said Coldplay had never produced anything remotely like this…….which I guess is true in retrospect….Bon Iver has produced something that is remotely like Coldplay.

            I’m actually not a total Coldplay hater, and their work with Eno is not all top 40 drudge.

            Anyway, whatever…it’s not like we are discussing the divide between Arvo Pärt and Justin Bieber here. It is what is.

        • Actually, you know, I just thought that when I saw Bon Iver live about three years or so ago, Blood Bank live reminded me a bit of Coldplay. Something about the riff and the power of it live, it just had a little more energy. Dunno, maybe that’s just me.

  13. i love it, but really, you could blend that falsetto with anything and i would love it

  14. Love the album. Kind of has a Washed Out feel to it. Label it Chill wave if you must. The Calgary definitely fits in the aesthetic of the whole album.

  15. My cock is hard as fuck.

  16. #canadagum

  17. Why are people comparing it to Coldplay? This is why:

    If you say you don’t hear similarities, you’re lying. That being said, I like that Coldplay song, and Calgary is by no means the same song, it just has some similar cord progressions, instrumentally and vocally. Yes, it’s better. Don’t worry.

  18. So not Coldplay. And thanks for posting the lyrics, Scott.

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