Depeche Mode Best Videos Of The Week

This week we’ve got new clips from Depeche Mode, James Blake, Beyoncé, Calvin Harris, Princeton, and Alcoholic Faith Mission. The Depeche Mode clip is directed by Patrick Daughters. He’s one of my favorite directors, but it looks like he’s been focusing on commercials more and more. The Alcoholic Faith Mission video has been out for a while, but I thought it’d be nice to include it along with Blake’s video. They both show how rituals provide comfort or satisfy curiosity. Watch all the clips below:

Depeche Mode – “Personal Jesus (Stargate Remix)” (Dir. Patrick Daughters)

Patrick Daughters has slowed his output. His No Age video is the only other clip that he has out this year so far, I think. Back in 2007, for instance, he did two videos each for Feist and Bright Eyes, as well as clips for Har Mar Superstar, Interpol , Mika, and Liars. This black and white witch hunt video is a promo for Depeche Mode’s upcoming three-CD remix album, but part of me feels like this would have been an even better Liars video for something off They Were Wrong, So We Drowned.

Kitten – “Chinatown” (Dir. Bryan Schlam)

Bryan Schlam has recent clips for Theophilus London and Meg & Dia under his belt. According to his blog, he used rotoscoping in every frame of this angsty, jittering video. (via Promo News)

James Blake – “Lindisfarne” (Dir. Martin de Thurah)

Martin de Thurah directed videos for Mew, Editors, Fever Ray, and Röyksopp before working with James Blake. I think his two with Blake — this one and “Röyksopp“>Limit To Your Love” are a pretty perfect match of song and video. Each unravels slowly and subtly.

Beyoncé – “Run The World (Girls)” (Dir. Francis Lawrence)

Excellent costuming, and even better choreography liven up this post-apocalyptic video. The set design is kinda boring, but really, you just kinda need a blank canvas for Beyoncé to shine, as we learned with the “Single Ladies,” video.

Calvin Harris – “Bounce” (Feat. Kelis) (Dir. Vincent Haycock and AG Rojas)

Vincent Haycock has clips under his belt for Miike Snow, MSTRKRFT, and Editors. This narrative video follows a loser post-breakup as he wanders around Las Vegas, doing whip-its, breaking into hotel rooms, and interrupting Kelis video shoots. It exploits some of the seedier, off-Strip aspects of Vegas (yeah, it’s even grosser off Las Vegas Blvd), Haycock cleverly bring Calvin Harris and Kelis into the narrative. (via Promo News)

Honorable Mention:

Princeton – “The Electrician” (Feat. Active Child) (Dir. T.S. Pfeffer & Robert McHugh)

Alcoholic Faith Mission – “Legacy” (Dir. Bryn Chainey)

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  1. This may be a comment for a different blog, but why did Bryan Schlam have to rotoscope every frame of that? You can just as easily achieve what he did through masking and feathering.

  2. We did a little of both, you had to mask frame by frame though in the majority of all the shots. I used rotoscoping as a term for the layman, since the vast majority of people do not understand what masking + feathering is…

    We used a shitload of tools, mainly the new root tool in cs5…if any one is interested I can do a write up with my VFX guy on my blog…

  3. *roto tool, damn you auto type…

  4. Despite the spit-drinking bit nearly making me throw up my Saturday morning bacon sarnies, I have to say that the Lindisfarne clip is beautiful, musically and visually. I’d recommend checking out Martin de Thurah’s ‘EXPO Water City’ clip on his vimeo page too. It’s breathtaking.

  5. Beyonce’s head looks CGI’d. It’s to big or over-lit or something and she looks creepy.

  6. If those are the type of ‘bros’ that attend Calvin Harris gigs…count me out….i hated every minute watching that chode.

  7. WTF that beyonce song was a total rip of that one Major lazer’s pon de floor

  8. Dubai Hotels
    I have to say that the Lindisfarne clip is beautiful, musically and visually.

  9. the electrician is the best of the 7, deserves more than a honorable mention

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