Autopsy - Macabre Eternal

“Hand Of Darkness” is the opening track from Bay Area death metal pioneers Autopsy’s suffocating 68+ minute “comeback” record Macabre Eternal. Call it a comeback, sure, but remember they reunited briefly in the studio in 2008 to recorded two tracks for the reissue of their 1989 debut Severed Survival. And a year later they played Maryland Deathfest. Then came 2010′s The Tomb Within EP, their first extended offering in 15 years. You could also get a sense of a post-’95 breakup Autopsy via sister band Abscess’s awesomely crusty, spiderweb-shaking 2010 LP Dawn Of Inhumanity (one of my favorites that year). By now you know legendary drumming vocalist Chris Reifert and guitarist Danny Coralles pulled the plug on Abscess in June of last year while Dawn was still fresh: Clint Bower left the band, they decided to respect his departure and focus full-time on Autopsy. That focus also paid off on Macabre Eternal’s dozen higher-fi implosions. The martial whiplash of “Hand Of Darkness” offers a perfect entry:

Macabre Eternal:

01 “Hand Of Darkness”
02 “Dirty Gore Whore”
03 “Always About To Die”
04 “Macabre Eternal”
05 “Deliver Me From Sanity”
06 “Seeds Of The Doomed”
07 “Bridge Of Bones”
08 “Born Undead”
09 “Sewn Into One”
10 “Bludgeoned and Brained”
11 “Sadistic Gratification”
12 “Spill My Blood”

Macabre Eternal is out 5/31 via Peaceville. Wes Benscoter (Bloodbath, Cattle Decapitation, Slayer) did the cover art. Take a listen to another standout “Always About To Die” at BrooklynVegan. There are additional samples at Peaceville. Bear in mind none of this prepares you for the 11-minute “Sadistic Gratification.”

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  1. Why not just make “Haunting the Chapel” into its own website/blog?

    • To my mind it’s healthy (and interesting) to have a column covering a different genre than indie-rock (or whatever you want to call it) on a primarily indie-rock (ditto) site. There are plenty of metal blogs. Indie-rock blogs. There are fewer indie-rock/metal/etc mash-ups. (Outside Fred’s amazing work at BrooklynVegan and the stuff Mark and Grayson hit on in their The Out Door [which, less metal, is more in the spirit of my old “outer realms” column, The Outsiders.) Plus, now and then a metal band captures the attention/interest of folks outside that scene. It’s like open stacks at the library, or whatever: You have this amazing option to stumble upon something you weren’t looking for. Personally, I think music culture’s too prescribed and safe these days– you type a word into Google and find what you wanted to find/blogs are super specialized and same-same. It’s nice throwing some curve balls into that mix. On a simpler level, plenty of people listen to both Bon Iver and Autopsy.

  2. Spot on my friend. Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

  3. I read ‘Haunting The Chapel’ all the time but why the emphasis on Black Metal, Doom and Grindcore?

  4. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of different types of metal being covered here, I just noticed the emphasis is on Black, Doom etc., and fair enough it is a one-person column. I’ve discovered some of the best metal I’ve heard recently through this column so no disrespect here.

  5. You do an awesome job on here mate. Cheers.

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