Fantastic lead single from UK outfit the Horrors’ third LP Skying, out 7/26 via the impeccably curated XL. The production, pacing, and romantic magic of “Still Life” and its hook throwback to the golden ’80s era of Tears For Fears, and Thompson Twins, and Psychedlic Furs, and this makes Skying a promising thing.

(via P4K)

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  1. i wish more americans liked all these awesome british bands…

  2. This is a real nice slow burner, perhaps the last song on the album? Really excited to hear if they match the intensity of Primary Colours

    • It’s the middle track on the album. Here’s the tracklist.

      Changing the Rain
      You Said
      I Can See Through You
      Endless Blue
      Dive In
      Still Life
      Wild Eyed
      Moving Further Away
      Monica Gems
      Oceans Burning

  3. That’s pretty great.

  4. this song cured my allergies

  5. It sounds very shoegaze/britpoppish, I really love the direction they’re going.

  6. I love this band – this song is beautiful

  7. I feel like I’m going to explode waiting for this album.

  8. when you waaaaaaaaaaaaaake up, when you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up, when you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up, when you waaaaaaaaaaaake up.

  9. woozefa  |   Posted on Jun 5th, 2011 0

    yeah, this is fucking great. they rocked in concert. can’t wait to see em again.

  10. I thought Primary Colours was one of the most underrated albums of 09. Hopefully they get the attention and acclaim they deserve for Skying.

  11. This band is so underated musically.3 albums and every one so different form the other.Saw them live in manchester in june 2011,and i was so impressed how good they were,and ferris has to be one of the best front men ive seen for a long while.This new song is very 80s,but still very good love it.

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