Oh, boy. So in the last hour or so (read: the time since we’ve been having backend tech issues today), Radiohead.tv fired up with some seriously awesome bits. Like Thom spinning M.I.A.. And then Thom spinning !!!’s “Heart Of Hearts,” spasmodically dancing as only he knows how. And then, well, we’ll explain. First we’re publishing this. GO THERE NOW THEY’RE PLAYING “RECKONER” LIVE.

UPDATE: OK, hope you guys are watching this insanity. Live streaming concert from the Radiohead studio! Before that it was, as mentioned, Thom DJing and moving, covering the Smiths’ “The Headmaster Ritual,” and showing a short video for “15 Step,” using footage from the Morgan Freeman/Brat Pitt flick Se7en, with Thom’s head in a box (just like Paltrow!). Let’s see how many times we say “awesome” in this post.

So awesome. It wasn’t a full video for the full song, but it was proper; Morgan opening the box to find singing Thom was super fantastic. So we’re sure this stuff will end up on YouTube soon. Or at least, we hope. Post links in the comments and keep a running liveblog going down there, too. In the meantime, we’re gonna sort through and post up a bunch of screengrabs we’re sitting on. Jonny’s spinning now. Suddenly thinking about staying in tonight…

In the meantime, here are the guys, one-by-one, saluting you with a thumbs_down:

“Faust Arp” in a field…

And it goes on, with Ed’s sharing of a “tender moment,” reciting “The Burial of Sir John Moore After Corunna,” by Charles Wolfe. And then a cover of New Order’s “Ceremony.” And then…

…tech lead Adam informs us that Thom is “rebranding” ’cause he’s sick of people thinking he’s miserable. Thom accomplishes this rebranding by doing a modified, momentary chicken dance. Think Thom felt a little sheepish about the “Brad Pitt’s a massive Radiohead fan, so he would in fact be gutted if it was your head inside that box” bit. It’s okay, Thom. Beautiful people like you, too.

Hey, Phil’s a Sam Beam fan! And a Juana Molina fan. And an afrobeat fan. And holy shit Selway’s got moves! We’re gonna ride out on the Fela funk for awhile and fade into silence on the blogfront. Unless something crazy happens, like Radiohead fashioning footage from a Brad Pitt movie into an In Rainbows-related video. Oh wait…

Ah one last thing: Thom announces (with a drink in hand) that a full playlist from the session will be up on the message board (deadairspace?) later. Hey, just like The Hills!

And, scene.

UPDATE: Ready for some YouTubes from the telecast? We’ll start with Thom (with Jonny on moral support) talking up thumbs_down. It’s a celebration, bitches:

Here’s a live take on “Bodysnatchers”:

“15 Step” vs. Se7ven (The Executive Edition):

Now video/tech man Adam Buxton with Thom, talking about Brad Pitt and squirting milk from Yorke’s nipples:

Ed dancing, Thom talking, the band gives their thumbs_downs:

Here’s “Faust Arp” in a field:

Helmet cams on “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” (again, Adam’s edition):

Some Smiths cover action: “The Headmaster Ritual”

Some “Reckoner” live for ya:

“Arpeggi” (sorta) in a parking lot:

A tender, poetic moment with Ed O’Brien:

A New Order: Radiohead covers “Ceremony”

Some tech issues later — here Thom addresses them and thanks you for tuning in before going into “I Might Be Wrong.” See you on YouTube:


MP3 UPDATE: Just what it sounds like. Get thumbs_downloading.


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  1. silentvision  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    So that answers the age old question: “what’s in the freakin’ box?”

  2. Clete  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    Would somebody please explain to me what’s going on with all the arrows? I don’t understand this theme at all.

    PS – The New Order cover was very mediocre.

  3. innercityblues  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    pitchfork doesn’t seem to appreciate your screen lifting.

  4. Pitchfork is mostly joking to amuse itself while giving a play-by-play to a dude playing a ray charles record.

  5. Dear Scott P4K: Never would we swipe a screen grab! That was during the extended moment of Thom’s frozen smile, ripe for maximum grabitude. Come now, we may not be able to figure out our tech issues, but we’ve been around the Grab application long enough to take our own snaps. Yours are very pretty though, admittedly. We tip our (screen)cap to you, good sir. But we will buy you beers after this is over. You really oughta stock up for these things. xoxo

  6. Niggy Tardust  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    A little afrobeat, anyone?

  7. Peregrine  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    Phil seems surprisingly well-coordinated.

  8. How long can we expect this to continue? I have things to do!! Awwww shucks.

  9. sol  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    the audio stopped working, or is it just me?

  10. red  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    Sol, my audio’s down too.

  11. kevin  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    nah the audio’s down for everyone right now

    or at least, it’s down except for faint talking in the background

  12. vanny  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    Has anyone elses sound gone off?!!!

  13. nope, sol, silence here, too. thom *looks* pretty soulful with that tambourine.

  14. adam  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    yeah audios out and their playing live

  15. Yeah, no more audio for me, either. It cut out when Colin was starting his DJ set. If you turn the volume wayyyyy up, though, you can hear some random audio that has nothing to do with Radiohead.

  16. DWall45  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    Audio stopped for me as well, right after Colin started spinning again…

  17. gordon  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    yah no audio here either


  19. Sclone  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    NO, it’s out for everyone, even Pitchfork.

  20. sol  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    I have the strong feeling they won’t notice until it’s over.

  21. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the audio is down…

  22. it kinda sucks. it looks stupid without the audio i think (its jsut a bunch of random images! :’[[[)

  23. i’m just playing some eagles while i watch

  24. robert  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    It says on the message board the webcast is over.

  25. word  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    Mel on WASTE said it was over, and they’d try to upload the end somewhere

  26. kevin  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    radiohead’s message board says it’s over

  27. denise  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    The moment’s already passed
    Yeah, it’s gone

    It’s only a black screen now. I will sit an wait for some techie guy, who managed to record the webcast, to post it on YouTube.

  28. Yeah, I just went on there and absolutely nothing is going on, it’s just a black screen…

    Are they on break or is my comp being wierd?

  29. pee  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    I have nothing but a black screen now

  30. Awesome coverage, guys!

    As I’m sure you know, Thom performed solo and premiered what I think is a new song!

    I’ve posted an MP3 at:

  31. headmastersritualruled!!!

  32. seth  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    the audio is down

  33. Me, Myself & EMI  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    These guys have WAY too much time on their hands…

  34. Andrew  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    Mike, it isn’t a new song nor Thom Yorke solo. It is a cover of Bjork’s unravel and you can see the band in the back playing with him.

    But that was yesterday. Anyone have any audio/video from today!? I was at work and missed it :(

  35. gary  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    someone get me an mp3 of them doing “the headmaster ritual”. like, NOW.

  36. fErG  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    the song is “ceremony” not “celebration”?

  37. alex  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    thumbs down = 10 letters

    just sayin…

  38. already with the youtube? very nice.

  39. kwas  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2007 0

    MP3 of headmaster ritual


  40. Clete  |   Posted on Nov 10th, 2007 0

    Did anybody else notice that the guys in Radiohead are a bunch of dorks? I did. One guy had male pattern baldness for Christ sakes.

  41. peterperfect  |   Posted on Nov 10th, 2007 0

    Umm, that was their producer Nigel. Yes they are dorky but have wonderful taste in music…

  42. amirite  |   Posted on Nov 10th, 2007 0

    Er..since when has Radiohead *not* been dorks? That’s kind of their appeal.

  43. Anyone who’s only noticing now that Radiohead are “a bunch of dorks” has clearly not been paying attention.

    Paying attention

    Paying attention

    Paying a-tten-tion

  44. Dear Clete: So you think Radiohead’s cover of New Order was mediocre?
    why dont you cover it and upload the video and then we can all judge how amazing you are….whats that? You still live with your mom and the only instrument you play is a plastic SG on Guitar Hero? I’m sorry whats that? Youve been masturbating to interracial midget porn all night and cant even play it on your pink casio keyboard mommy got you for your birfday? Yeah..thats what I thought. Your a liitle tool, now go cry to mommy and let the big boys enjoy some radiohead.

    thank you.

  45. innercityblues  |   Posted on Nov 10th, 2007 0

    thom also has a pretty far off hairline too

  46. Clete  |   Posted on Nov 10th, 2007 0

    Can somebody please paraphrase Jonny Stallion’s post for me? I stopped reading it after I saw on his myspace page that he’s from Lubbock, Texas. LOL. Try not to get plowed by Jethro today you big douche bag.

  47. thanks for taking me back to college with the new order & smiths…..how can a cover like these be mediocre? it’s song selection more than anything……same old joke since 1962.

  48. Me, Myself & EMI  |   Posted on Nov 10th, 2007 0

    I found Jonny’s comment quite hilarious altogether. Well.. In the mentally deficient sense of the humour of the whole thing. Take a chill pill, you rube.

    After all you’ve just told everyone you actually know what a plastic SG actually is. Lay off the Nintendo for a few hours before making a complete Maynard J. Keenan of yourself (and posting your Myspace address in the process).

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