Last night (5/25), resurgent Britpop sensualists Pulp performed their first show since 2002. It took place at the appropriately named Le Bikini in Toulouse, France as a sort of warm-up to this weekend’s performance at Primavera Sound. If you’re curious how it went, check out this professionally shot video of Different Class classic “Disco 2000.” Good sign: Cocker does plenty of hip wiggles and pantomiming without pulling any muscles. We also have the complete (jam-packed) set list. Here:

The set:

“Do You Remember the First Time?”
“Pink Glove”
“Pencil Skirt”
“Something Changed”
“Disco 2000″
“Sorted For E’s & Wizz”
“I Spy”
“This Is Hardcore”
“Bar Italia”

“Common People”

“O.U. (Gone, Gone)”
“His ’n’ Hers”
“Acrylic Afternoons”

They have a bunch of shows this year.

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  1. i really want to see them :)

  2. What does the ‘Play’ mean besides the song titles?
    Brandon, you need to get yourself a copy of His n Hers immediately.

  3. and Different Class also, if you spare some change.

    • I own both! I listened to Pulp quite a bit when I worked at a bookstore in the mid/late ’90s. The guy I overlapped with schedule-wise had really different taste in music then me, but we could agree on Pulp (and the store had limits to what we could play). So, yeah, I know just about every song on that set list by heart. Unexpected, perhaps, but true. I lost interest w/ the more recent albums…

      • I lost interest with Jarvis’ solo albums. I really tried, but they just didn’t do it for me. I love This Is Hardcore and We Love Life. It took a while to get into the latter, but I do adore it now.


    “Do You Remember The First Time?”. From last night as well.

  5. So many shows, so far away from the states. And though Jarvis is certainly a slippery little noodle, after seeing him live after that first solo album, I must say Steve Mackey has actually aged a little better. He’s a straight-up fox, for real.

    Now let’s talk logistics: is Russell Senior up in this? Could that be the reason they’re so light on post-Different Class material?

  6. Wow this set list is unbelievable! I guess they weren’t kidding when they said they were going to mostly play what everyone wants to hear.

  7. missed my ONE chance to see these guys in Detroit effing…96 i think, still kicking myself. TOUR JARVIS TOURRR:)

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