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Modest Mouse headlined Sasquatch! on Sunday night, and debuted a couple new songs as part of their set. NPR streamed their concert, so the two new tunes, “Poison,” and “Lampshades On Fire,” are here, recorded from the soundboard thanks to YouTube user ChiefTragedy. Earlier this month we mentioned that Big Boi and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below producer Chris Carmouche were working with the band at Atlanta’s Stankonia Studios. I don’t think you can hear that in these two songs, but “Lampshades On Fire,” does remind me of Man Man — Isaac Brock called their album Six Demon Bag the best album of the ’00s in Rolling Stone a couple years back.


“Lampshades On Fire”

You can hear their entire set at NPR.

[Photo by Graeme Flegenheimer]

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  1. Lampshades on Fire sounds pretty great

  2. The once greatest band on the planet descends further into its own crapulence.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed both these tracks. Can’t wait to hear the Sir Lucious Left Foot-ified versions!

    I may be in the minority on this point, but I think Modest Mouse has been incredibly consistent in their output–I really enjoy everything they’ve done both before and since “Good News For People Who Love Bad News.”

  4. What’s even more awesome is the fact that they opened their set with “Shit Luck”.

  5. modest mouse=sellouts!

  6. “And one should always support the indie musicians. Until they become popular and start making money, the soul-less sellout ****s.” – The National Hipster Motto.

    Lampshades on Fire is great. Not as big on poison, but I still can’t wait for some new stuff from MM. It’s been too long.

  7. how the fuck are they sellouts? they never changed the sound of there music to get on a major label. also when youve been an indie band for almost 20 years they deserve to be able to make a living

  8. if you call yourself a hipster you are a fucking idiot and your opinion doesnt matter anyway. modest mouse is the best band of their kind

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