The Strokes played Ellen for today’s broadcast. The episode will be on TV this afternoon — 4 p.m. in most areas — but Ellen put the band’s performance of Angles’ “Gratisfaction” on the show’s website early. There’s no intro and no Ellen dancing, though the description says The Strokes is one of her favorites. Watch:

Angles is out now via RCA.

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  1. Fab has such a great stage presence; his personality is just fantastic. especially with this song, his really enthusiastic antics are a nice contrast to julian’s sometime broody ways.

    I think they did a really great job here, though I wish the sound on the other microphones had been louder and clearer. the backing vocals are really a huge part of this song, and they didn’t really come through in the performance. however, this is most likely just how the taping came out. I so wish I could see them live!

  2. not my favorite track from Angles, but they brought it alive here.

  3. Melody and vocal delivery Sounds a bit like John Lennon to me… particularly during the verse

  4. Sounds just like Thin Lizzy, best track on the record.

  5. To me, this looked like the performance that they’ve enjoyed the most since the album was out – maybe there’s a good mood in the studio :-)

  6. i like this song. reminds me of billy joel.

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