The Beatles™: Rock Band™ Gets A Trailer™

Yes the mother lode edition of Rock Band becomes a reality on 9/9/09. Everybody is excited. Apple Corps/Viacom/MTV Games shareholders are super excited. Your boyfriend is already spurting himself in anticipation. It’s all happening, nerds! Even Sir Macca himself is demonstrably enthused, if you can take the fact that his background screens during that great Coachella set basically became a commercial for this installment of Rock Band. It’s billed as a “first-of-its-kind music-based video game offers a revolutionary tour of The Beatles’ music, career, and legacy.” Here’s a trailer to help visualize why this is not your average timesuck:

The X-Box game comes out 9/9, which is also the date the Beatles’ entire discography gets its digitally remastered re-release. The game will have 45 songs for you. The first 10 have been identified:

01 “I Saw Her Standing There”
02 “I Want To Hold Your Hand”
03 “I Feel Fine”
04 “Taxman”
05 “Day Tripper”
06 “Back In The USSR”
07 “I Am The Walrus”
08 “Octopus’s Garden”
09 “Here Comes The Sun”
10 “Get Back”

And they’re promising all of Abbey Road for future download purchase, as well as others from the discog. Looks like they’re making it so it was worth the wait (or at least worth having bought X-Box in anticipation). More info and pre-order links at the official site.