Representing different, but intertwining sections of my life/record collection, Mountain Goats and Jawbreaker cassettes got a lot of wear in my teenage boombox. They’ve come together magically via AV Club’s Undercover series. Makes perfect sense. Darnielle & Co. tackle “Boxcar” from 1994′s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. “1-2-3-4: Who’s punk, what’s the score?,” etc.

The Mountain Goats cover Jawbreaker
(Via SOTC)

Note telling insertion of Didion for Kerouac. (Now I want to hear Darnielle lose his glasses to “Chesterfield King.”)

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  1. Thanks for posting this, ‘gum. Perfect fit for the band who were previously unfamiliar with Jawbreaker. Didn’t notice John taking off his glasses during the song the first time. Glad to see he got really into it and had fun doing the song.

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